Hoverboards become a hot topic at the beginning of 2016 spring. To choose wiser when standing in a e scooter shop, you should know some essential facts about the hover board. Best knowledge brings you the best scooter. And best performance board & shared riding experience make you travel farther and safer than other hoverboards and hoverboarder.

How much does a hoverboard cost?

Different type and model hoverboards cost different price. A general hoverboard that are most popular nowadays costs about 250$ not including a shipping fee. And large quantity order also enjoys great discount. By the way, hoverboards are usually manufactured in China and shipped to Europe and USA. USA is a great country with excellent technology when China is a great manufacturer with lowest manufacturing cost and best quality when using US technology. Usually, a low price scooter does not mean poor quality, it just means reasonable. However, choosing a reliable manufacturer in China also costs money and time. F-wheel feel lucky and proud to be chosen by hundreds of retailers and distributors from all over the world especially from US. Keeping the same good quality of the scooter and board as before is the inevitable responsibility of F-wheel to maintain so manyresellers for years.

Are Hoverboard/Hands-Free Smart Boards Safe?

Not all the hoverboards are safe.  In response to mounting evidence of hoverboards spontaneously exploding and injuring customers, Amazon.com Inc. offered Wednesday to pay full refunds for all hoverboards purchased through its site. However, we should not appreciate the behavior of Amazon for its honesty which looks sincerely, because most hoverboards with problems and fire hazard are sold on Amazon. They are just afraid of being sued for selling dangerous items. When amaon is refunding, some enterprises still prospers and sells well without any explosive scooter issue and hard after-sales service, including F-wheel.

In light of recent concerns of poor quality batteries causing potential danger, F-wheel wanted to address those concerns and reassure our consumers that F-wheel is committed to producing only top quality products and puts safety above anything else.


F-wheel takes extra measures to prevent overcharging including circuits in the aforementiond battery pack and certified adapter and has an additional circuit inside the unit itself. F-wheel hoverboard is FCC, CE, RohS, certified and Battery packs were UN38.3 certified with approved battery cells and has passed all testing in adherence to government guidelines.

Hoverboard of F-wheel also takes safety very seriously and makes it a top priority. In keeping safety first, F-wheel from the start, has and continues to use ONLY Top Brand approved battery cells which has a built in circuit to regulate power and keep from overcharging and ONLY use certified adapters as well.
As with any electrical device, no matter how meticulous or high quality of components used, there’s always the potential for danger and has always been the case with any rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, whether they be hoverboards, laptops, phones or even electric cars. With that said, consumers should review and follow any warnings and guidelines as noted in the operation manuals, including the charge time for the units.



How hard is it to ride the hoverboard of F-wheel ?

In short, it’s NOT HARD AT ALL! You will step onto the F-wheel and try to balance, but it’s doing the balancing for you.

Hoverboards/Balance scooter are the new generation’s skateboards or roller skates and just as when those came out, people might take a spill.You will be running circles around everyone in no time at all. Check out this video below …

How to learn to ride a hoverboard in few miniutes

How fast is the F-wheel?


How fast

The F-wheel tops out around 10 MPH (16 KMH)! It goes as slow as 2 MPH (3 KMH)… or anywhere in between. You can ride at a speed your are comfortable with.

How long does the battery of Hoverboardl/Wheeled Balance last?



Up to approximately 20 miles, depending on rider weight, riding terrain, temperature, and driving style.

What color is most popular among Hoverboard/Self balancing electric scooter?


Color of hoverboard

The most popular one comes in the following colors: RED, WHITE, BLUE, GREEN, BLACK, DARK RED, and a Special Edition PINK that’s most liked by girls! (Please leave a message below for stock levels and availability if you’re insterested, more fashionable colors are ready for your special needs)

Where to buy and how long will it take to get my Hoverboard/Wheel Electric?

From retailers: 3 days

From manufacturers: 15days

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