How DYU Bike Soars in Europe & the USA – DYU Bike Activities & Customer Collection Show

dyu smart bike sunset riverside

DYU bike is getting popular all over the world and many people wonder why this ebike gets popular so easily. To make it short, there are mainly 2 reasons, the first is the product performance and the second is the dedicated operation of DYU company.

1. Product performance

DYU specifications:

36V 350W BLDC motor

12 inch dual pneumatic tires

10 Ah/17Ah battery capacity

Dual mechanical disc brakes

120kg max load

Bluetooth adjustable speed

16kg for 17Ah, 14.5kg for 10.4 Ah

2. Dedicated operation of DYU company

To promote the product, DYU company has spent lots of money in the operation of users & fans, holding activities and taking part in the fairs & exhibitions.

Hundreds of People Ride on the DYU Electric Bike on the Streets Celebrating the Foundation of DYU Singapore Operation Center

DYU Smart Bike Weekly News from Singapore, Qatar & India

Over 1 Thousand Members Are in Dyu Escooter Singapore Facebook Group

Spanish Customers Visit DYU & F-wheel at the Beginning of October 2018

F-Wheel Launched Portable Dyu Smart Bike D1 in Hongkong

F-wheel is Taking Part in the Hongkong Global Sources Electronics Fair


Observing from the product performance and brilliant operation of its company, DYU is a reliable ebike brand that’s worth wholesaling and retailing. DYU bike not only has the best price, but also some features that other ebikes don’t have, no wonder it’s loved by so many people from England, Spaind, France, Italy and the USA etc. Leave a message below to get more information about the ebike.


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