How to be a dealer of lightweight e scooters imported from China

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With the incessant increase in price of gas, people are beginning to consider scooters as one of the most viable alternatives for non-long distance transportations. Scooters are eco-friendly, as they do not emit carbon dioxide or any other gas that disrupts the ecosystem.


Most people in China have understood the importance of environmental conservation; hence, technology is fast tilting towards the production of eco-friendly cars. However, until that novel invention becomes a success and everyone begins to adopt it, there is currently a huge market for scooters in China.

Among scooter lovers, however, light weight scooters are more popular than the not-so-light ones. They prefer these light weight electric bikes because they are easy to lift off the ground, and easier to navigate than the heavy ones. Some of the most popular light weight scooter brands include: DYU Electric bikes, iCarbot, F-wheel DYU, Fuji-Ta, Baidu, Goldenwheel and Airwheel, amongst many others.


This is a huge market, and an opportunity to make profits by becoming a dealer of some of the most lightweight scooters imported from China. In this article, we will talk about how to become a scooter dealer.

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  • Firstly, choose your brand

There is a wide range of brands of scooters to choose from. Therefore, you have to decide which brand you want to specialize in selling. The different brands of scooters come in different prices and quality, so do your research, and be sure of the one you’d like to sell. Choose the brand from a reliable factory like DYU is the best way to make more profits.


  • Get the necessary license

Just like almost every other product, you’d need to get a scooter dealership license to become a scooter dealer. The requirements may depend on your state and manufacturer; so once again, you need to find out what you have to do to get approval. Most manufacturers would need you to order a bulk quantity of the electric bikes before they can give you the license. Some of them will also provide replacement parts, and reimbursement plans and after-sales service.

  • Know your customer base

Knowing your customer base will help you know the kind of scooters to buy. Contrary to what many people think, scooter users aren’t only students. Older people also use scooters. Unlike young people who do not always care about color of bikes, if your customer base is mostly older people, you may need to keep your color range within shades of green and gray, and nothing flashy. You can also require the factory to change the color of the product is possible.

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  • Choose a financing method

Although e scooters are generally less expensive than cars, people still may need a financing option to pay for the bikes. Your best option here is to consult a financial professional to know the best financing lotions to offer your customers, and what the interest rates would be. Meanwhile, making coupons regularly in main feativals like Thanks Giving Day, Halloween, Christmas will also promomte the dealer’s total sales & profits.

  • Set up your outlet and hire credible staff

The strength of every business depends on the efficiency of the people running it. For this reason, after you have set up your dealership store, hire only credible staff with good credentials. Amongst your staff, you’d also need to have qualified technicians with good knowledge of the technicalities of the brands of scooter you’re selling.

  • Offer more

To stand out and be a trusted name in this niche, don’t just sell scooters. Also offer ancillary products such as helmets, decals, windshields, special paint jobs and other scooter products. Also be ready to receive customization requests, because just like car driving, e scooter riding is an evolving culture where people would always want to try out new things.



It’s time to be an e scooter dealer after you learned above points.  Let’s make money with e scooters like DYU e scooter now.