How to Maintain the Self Balancing Scooter


Self balancing scooter need maintainence to keep it in best state and bring us more fun. We are going to share a few tips of F-wheel self balancing scooter maintenance. F-wheel electric self-balancing scooter is an amazing transportation tool. It offers better choice for the officer workers who have been suffered from traffic jam for long. The excellent performance of the electric scooter can easily satisfy all the needs from different riders. Let get down to the theme, how to maintain the self balancing scooter?


As far as we are concened, the smart balancing board has a complex design inside and brokes easy withour proper treatment. Daily maintenance is important to guarantee the service life of the electric scooter. The following are the maintenance tips for F-wheel self-balancing electric unicycle.

First of all, as battery is the core of F-wheel self-balancing electric scooter, effective maintenance of battery helps guarantee a long lifespan. One important step is that the newly-bought electric scooter must be charged fully before riding the scooter. That’s because the electric scooter comes into the rider’s hand after production, processing, assembling and testing. The remaining electricity has been consumed. If the rider directly uses the scooter, it will cause damage to the battery. Besides, do not charge the battery in high temperature and do not over-charge or over-discharge the battery. These will reduce the lifespan of battery.

Second, regular check and maintenance of tyre especially the parts is quite important. One effective way is that shaking the tyre in the direction of wheel shaft. If the parts also shake, it means that they become loose. Also the screws of the tyre need to be checked. Only if the screws are fastened can the electric scooter run fast and freely. Besides, the attrition rate of the tyre needs to be controlled in an appropriate range to ensure safe riding. In addition, if the self-balancing electric scooter has not been used for a long time, the tyre should be checked if air leakage occurs. If the problem exists, the electric scooter should be taken to the repair shop at once. Also, if the tyre has been damaged in large space, the rider can contact with the after-sales department for replacement.

Another important tip is that when F-wheel electric scooter is cleaned, all the electricity should be cut off in case of damage to the scooter and potential dangers. Soft cloth could be used to clean the surface of the electric scooter. Remember do not use high-pressure cleaning system, steam system, high pressure water or air to clean the scooter.
To sum up, using right ways to maintain the electric unicycle can help keep it in good condition and saves money.

With strong commitment to improving user experience to satisfy the customer demand, F-wheel self-balancing electric scooter has been updated ranging from unicycle, two wheel self balancing skateboard to two wheel advanced and bluetooth model. The electric scooter market is in full swing now.

F-wheel self balancing scooter is equipped with comprehensive protection mechanism in case of over-discharge, overcharge, short circuit, over-current, extreme temperature to ensure battery equalization. Besides, it electronic brake system makes the braking instant, accurate and safe with response time of 0.5s and stopping distance of 50cm.

All the excellent design makes this kind of vehicle easy to maintence and more durable. What’s more, you are welcome whenever you need help with the self balancing scooter you bought from us. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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