How to Maintain Your Electric Unicycle for Better Performance

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Electric unicycle is a new kind of product used for city short trip. Because of its convenience and fashionable appearance, it is loved by mass people. Not matter young or old, man or women, people fall in love with it at first sight. However, F-wheel electric unicycle engineers have to remind its users that such exquisite spirit need proper maintenance like any other electronic products and this unicycle will run farther with your good care.

Tips to maintain your electric unicycle.

How to maintain your electric unicycle for better performance

The life span of the F-wheel electric unicycle will be longer with good maintenance. Routine maintenance is important to the usage lifetime and safety of your self-balancing electric unicycle. Here are some tips.

1. Wheel Maintenance

(1) Regularly inspect the wheel assembly, shake the tire along tire axial with hands, check if the wheel assembly is shaking. If it is shaking please check the tire assembly screws and lock installed them.
(2) Inflate tires regularly to check whether there is leak and repair or replace in time.
(3) If the tire badly worn, please replace it immediately.

2. Storage

(1) Please store Electric Unicycles under right temperature in a dry indoor place, maximum avoid high temperature exposure.
(2) If left unused for a long time, do not connect the charger. Recommend recharge the battery every two months to maintain longevity of the battery.

3. Clean

(1) Make sure the power and charging cable is disconnected before cleaning the unicycle;
(2) Wipe the Electric Unicycle appearance with a soft cloth;
(3) Clean appearance with soft soap and water.

4. Carry and transport

(1) Ensure that the Electric Unicycle is not connected to the charger and has been turned off;
(3) Cannot be pressed by heavy objects;
(4) Please do not drop or bump.

5. Battery maintenance.

(1) Timely charge after each usage. Battery vulcanization process begins after the battery is discharged and it is obviously beginning after 12 hours. And timely charging can to avoid serious sulfide makes decline of battery capacity and maintain longer battery life!
(2) Periodical deep discharge. A regularly deep discharge the battery is also conducive to “activate” battery; you can slightly improve the battery capacity by then.
(3) Avoid momentary high current discharge.—Do not directly accelerate to the top speed, and avoid frequent hard braking , hurry start.
(4) Avoid no electricity when keep storage your electric unicycle.

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