How to gain a longer mileage with your DYU smart electric bike in winter?

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In winter, it gets cold.

Most friends who ride electric bikes have this problem:

The bike doesn’t run far.

We all know that running far is determined by battery capacity.

Due to the low temperature in winter,

E-bike mileage will be discounted,

And battery capacity will decrease.

As a result, the e-bike mileage also decreases to some degree.

Therefore, it is normal for an electric bike to run a short distance in winter.

When the temperature rises,

Your bike mileage will be restored,

Nevertheless, we must do a good job of e-bike maintenance in winter to keep the vehicle aways in its best state!
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6 tips to make your DYU smart electric bike run farther in winter

1. Appropriately increase the charging time

When charging an electric bike in winter, after the charger light turns its color, you can charge it for an additional hour, but do not charge it for too long to avoid damage to the battery.

2. Store the e-bike without power loss

Some friends like to store electric bikes in winter and ride them in spring next year. It is recommended to fully charge the e-bike before putting it back. Leave your e-bike parked with electricity. It is recommended to charge it once every 15-20 days to avoid damage caused by long-term battery loss and other unnecessary economic losses.

3. Keep the battery volume above 25%

When riding an electric bike in winter, it is best not to drop the battery power below 25%. If it is lower than 25%, it will cause damage to the battery and affect the service life of the battery. Please charge your e-bike in time!

How to realize a longer mileage with your DYU smart electric bike in winter?

4. Slow down your riding speed

Winter temperatures are low and roads are prone to slippery. We also have various warming measures to reduce the sensitivity of the reaction. Therefore, when riding an electric bike, the bike should be kept at a low speed in order to effectively control the electric bike in a timely manner. A few words, if the tires are worn out and the brakes are not working, it is recommended to replace them with new tires and brakes in time, which will greatly increase the safety of riding.

5. Mind your parking place

If your DYU electric bike is parked outside at will, the battery of the electric bike will be affected at low temperatures, which will naturally affect the battery life of the vehicle. If conditions are good in the winter, try to park the electric bike indoors, and the car shed that’s specifically for the electric bikes is the best choice for parking.

6. Maintain your vehicles timely

Many friends maintain a physical examination at least once a year, so our e-bike must also undergo a regular self-inspection. The DYU Smart Bike APP has a vehicle self-inspection function, which can collect the specific data of our e-bikes in time, so that we can know what we are riding.
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A warm reminder of DYU Smart Bike:

It’s getting cold, friends

While protecting your e-bikes,

Do remember to wear warm clothes in time,

Don’t catch a cold. And take care!

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