How to Ride a Self-balancing Electric Unicycle

Unicycles look difficult to ride. The only people I’ve ever seen on unicycles was the one kid in high school who went to clown college on his summer break and that talented troupe of local street performers who also breathe fire. I never imagined a unicycle would be for me. I just knew I would end up flat on my face if I even tried. All my life, it was two wheels or bust. Until I met the  When you see someone riding a self-balancing unicycle lean forward to go forward, lean back to stop, lean left or right to turn at his willing, whether it is envy to you? In fact, also you can! Here I hope you can be patient to read and follow the steps to practice, and soon you will become an enviable one. Five steps as follows:

20161015120512How to Ride a Self-balancing Electric Unicycle

1. Preparation work

1) Hold the handle with one hand.

2) Put the self-balancing unicycle upright on the ground.

3) Tie the Auxiliary Belt to self-balancing unicycle’s handle.

4) Expand the two pedals.

5) Shortly press the power button to turn on the power, and the indicator lights.

6) Do not try to ride if you find the power is less than 20%, please use it after it is full recharged.

7) Suggest that pull and push the handle along the direction of wheels forward or backward a few times to sense the intensity of acceleration and deceleration of the wheel

2. Emphasis on riding safety

At this point, we believe that you have learned how to ride self-balancing electric unicycle. However, we recommend that you must be to know the basis of the vehicle’s performance before challenge the actions that you have not tried before. The power of the self- balancing electric unicycle is limited. If it exceeds the limits, it will not be able to support your body, and cause you to fall from the unicycle, so we urge you to be sure to drive carefully.


3. Move ahead

1)Intermediate ahead:

You can basically control self-balancing electric unicycle when you in this step, which needs you to pay attention to two points: first is maintain a certain speed; secondly, control speed via lean backward and forward. We recommend that you continue to accumulate experience in the cycling process, continuous learning, when you are more confident that you can keep riding long distances then go to next step.

2) Primary:

Like riding a bicycle, most of the center of gravity have shifted to self- balancing electric unicycle, so when you gently tread the pedal and the other foot tread the ground backward, self-balancing electric unicycle will go forward just like in the previous step to keep balancing, you need try you best to keep the body balanced in the cycling process, and the other foot off ground should step on the match pedal quickly and lightly. This step requires you at least be able to ride a distance of 3-5 meters.

4. Turn

About turn: We found that beginners like to turn by moving the upper body, but result in bad effect. So we recommend that you turn through adjust the strength of left and right foot to the pedal, that can change the inclination of the unicycle. With constant practice, you will achieve the effect of turning you expect.

5. Try to stand up

1) Put one foot in the middle of the pedal, pay attention that it should be in the middle part so as you can shift the entire body weight to the feet easily.

P.S: It would be much better for beginners to work in pairs and help each other’s arm.

2) Close to the soft gel pad with calf, adjust the angle of the body, straight up the body and upright the waist, eyes straight ahead, lean slightly forward. Control the balance of electric unicycle with the foot on the pedal.

P.S: Beginners must tire the belt to avoid the unicycle broken and falling down to the ground spinning.

3) Gradually shifted the body weight to the foot on the pedal, in all the process requires the calf, foot, and self-balancing unicycle able to form a stable triangular support, otherwise it will be difficult to shift the weight to the self-balancing unicycle. If can not successfully shift the weight to the foot on the pedal and before the other foot off the ground for 1-2 seconds, please ensure do not go to the next step.

I see unicycles very differently now. They’re no longer just the transportation mode of choice for people too quirky to ride a regular bike. Unicyvles aren’t dorky; they’re as cool as bow ties, fezzes and Stetsons. The F-wheel R5, in particular, is the land speeder and “Tron” light bike of the unicycle world. I now look at my regular bike like it’s too much, just too ostentatious with all those wheels. It can’t compete with one wheel, a full charge and the world whirling by under my feet.

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