Another Hundred of Peoplpe Are Riding DYU Ebike in Zhengzhou – Fifth Station of Global Riding

Are you looking for the best Chinese electric bike, DYU electric bike is popular all over China now! China is a country for electric bikes and the competition is incredible when over 5 hundred electric bike brands are there. Among the best electric bikes in China, DYU smart bike stands out most for its fashionable design, beautiful streamline shape and extremely light weight.

Back to the topic, here comes another hundred of people riding DYU smart bike in Zhengzhou, the former headquarter of F-wheel in central China.


This is the fifth station of DYU smart bike global riding activity after Xi’anSingapore, Shi Jian Zhuang, Shenyang.

Video of the activity: https://v.qq.com/x/page/k074010eby8.html

DYU Smart Bike D1