iCarbot is Not Only a Four Wheel Electric Scooter

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What is iCarbot?

It’s the 21st century, and high time people started having fun with their urban transportation, and that’s why iCarbot was born.  iCarbot is a four-wheeled mini-scooter that can be driven with just your feet! It was created by the people over at F-Wheel, who also produce a selection of other personal transportation devices.  And while walking is fine, the iCarbot provides a new and interesting way to get around!


Why was iCarbot made?

iCarbot was created by F-Wheel in an effort to make short distance commutes and travel easy, comfortable, and especially eco-friendly. Gas-powered scooters and cars pollute the air and cause environmental issues that the developers at F-Wheel aimed to fix. The device was also designed with a German group in order to be slick and stylish, and above all, functional.

How do you use an iCarbot?

So, how in the world would you use an iCarbot? Unlike other two wheeled scooters, the iCarbot allows for an easier ride by utilizing four wheels for extra stability. The controls are easy and intuitive. Simply step onto the board, and learn forward! Shifting your weight between your feet will steer the iCarbot in different directions, allowing you to have full control over the device.

What are some of the features of the iCarbot?

The iCarbot can pair with an app on your smartphone, whether iOS or Android in order to provide a special experience. The app displays the iCarbot’s battery life as well as its location. This can be especially helpful for commuters who utilize iCarbot as well as a subway or taxi, so they don’t lose their scooter! Speaking of mobility, iCarbot’s size makes it perfect to travel with as well as travel on.

But why iCarbot when there are so many other options out there? iCarbot was designed with german engineering standards and built with quality materials in order to make sure that it can last a long time. iCarbot features two rear powered wheels which provide all the thrust for people to go up to 12km/hr, and the front wheels stabilize the device as well as facilitate easy steering. Going up-hill with an iCarbot is simple, as it allows for up to 15 degrees of incline for steeper streets.

Because it can hold up to 120 kilograms of weight, the iCarbot can easily fit anyone. The battery will last you approximately an hour and a half at full speed, and because it is lithium-ion, can be charged easily. The iCarbot is available in two color schemes, black/red and white/black.

Who uses iCarbot?

The unique thing about iCarbot is its usefulness in urban and metropolitan areas like New York City and Los Angeles. iCarbot is popular in these types of areas because it is simple, maneuverable, and small enough to not be obtrusive to others. It lets people get around fast and without breaking a sweat, making travel around the city much more enjoyable. Riding it to work is easy, and plugging it in when you get there allows you to have a full charge on your way home. The tracking features on the app let you have peace of mind in case you accidentally misplace it or it gets moved.

Can you have fun on iCarbot?

Yes! iCarbot is not only great for commuting, but also for having fun! Because of its portability, it can be taken into restaurants or other establishments inconspicuously. Riding around is a great way to catch other people’s eyes, and riding with friends is even more of a treat! iCarbot is also perfect for playing location based mobile games like Pokemon GO, as it travels at just the right speed.

Why should I get an iCarbot?

Anyone should consider buying an iCarbot for themselves or a friend, because of its stylish design, ease of use, and convenient mobility. iCarbot makes a great gift, as it is both fun and affordable at only $461 compared to other personal mobility options like a hoverboard. And most of all, you should get an iCarbot because they are just plain fun to ride!

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