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Abstract: With the rapid development of intelligent travel products and fashionable, present a variety of travel products on the market is gaining more and more similar characteristics. What kind of balance wheel is liked by most people and they are needed most? F-wheel little cloud car, aka icarbot. I will do more comfortable riding experience study, lower threshold has the most comfortable popular travel and equipment.

2015 is an intelligent travel kits for a year of rapid development, more and more young people begin to accept the new strange walking way of travel, personality, and in the product variety, but tend to homogeneity of the market, if you have what is to become the reason of choice? Exactly what kind of smart car product before it can be more suitable for the public? F-wheel  thought that it would be more comfortable, more practical intelligent car can only be suitable for general use.


A Girl Riding On iCarbot

Is all along, the F-wheel will go travel on the road in serving the public, insist for a long time to build the most suitable for the mass balance of cyclists ride a car, the safety, performance and quality got good word of mouth.The F wheel will various series application balanced car technology products, the first generation into the F-wheel verdi second generation balanced car technology product was born, that is the F-wheel will.Small cloud I car
Most people are visual creatures, so the level of appearance is very important, but see a smart travel equipment balance car’s appearance, natural and can’t see the car itself, but should pay more attention to the overall appearance of a cycling condition level.Silver body adorn with blue and red of beautiful temperament, no matter how you wear, it will be able to cooperate with you ride out the most gorgeous scenery.And when the other people all consumes energy in the legs walk, you extremely comfortable from their side sitting on the past, it is not just appearance, but also a kind of temperament.
Level of appearance is influencing people’s first impression, but comfortable or not is the most important part of a balanced line motor.To changes the past single balanced car products cycling posture uncomfortable questions, the F-wheel will break through the restriction of the balance between the first generation of car technology platform, joined the pressure sensing system, and upgrade two four direction drive control for three axis, the to achieve the balance of the car to switch more attitude control method., of course, in addition to the comfort level increased, many small gesture control I cloud car will also balance the car learning difficulty is reduced, sitting position ride for beginners more secure, more easily also overcome nervousness, more accustomed to sitting position after riding, riding posture of society will follow.
In order to be able to let small cloud car I can suitable for all kinds of height of people, small I cloud car design on the application of the design of the adjustable control rod body, weight 100 kg, so no matter how your height, weight, basically can be very comfortable ride the F-wheel will i cloud car.
Small cloud car iCarbot is a revolutionary design concept subversive appearance design, price, price nature need not say more.Practical and level both in appearance, comfortable with temperament, this is the F-wheel will new products, believe that will be able to gain high praise in the market.

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