OneProduct Accessories and Packing List 2

TwoFunctional Diagram 3

TreeProduct assembly 3

FourConnect the charger 4

FiveFirst use 4

SixLearn to ride 5

1   Preparations 5

2   Riding Steps 5

3   Riding Skills 6

SevenReplace the battery 7

EightSafety knowledge 7

1  General knowledge about security 7

2  Safety use 8

3   safety charging 10

4   Security Maintenance 11

5   Security Repair 11

NinePrecification parameter 11

TenOmmon problem treatment 12

ElevenToxic and harmful substances declaration 13

The People’s Republic of China electronic information products name and content of Hazardous Substances 13

TwelvTrademarks and legal statement 14

ThirteenWarranty policy and description 14

Icarbot Instruction


Thank you for choosing icarbot, This is one super convenient intelligent somatosensory electric flat car, one somatosensory flat car which can be put into backpack, one fashional entertainment equipment.

Icarbot is safety, easy to learn, convenient. It solve the low safety, difficult to learn, big, difficult to carry problems of traditional balance car.

Icarbot relys on the electric drive and uses pressure transducer and turn control IC to realize moving, accelerating and turning. The main elements are two motors, pressure transducer, main board, two assistant universal damping wheels and shell case, it is very stable.You just spend two minutes to learn it and the weight is light as the laptop, about 4KG. You can carry it easily with backpack, handbag.

OneProduct Accessories and Packing List








Standard Configuration




Standard Configuration




Standard Configuration, Please Scan the QR Code to Download Instruction

Certificate of Qualification



Standard Configuration

Warranty Card



Standard Configuration, Please Scan the QR Code to Download Instruction






Please check well all the things are goods, if something is damage or losing, please contact to F-WHEEL after sales department.

Tel: 400-080-7170  Web:

TwoFunctional Diagram




  Function description:

  1. Pedal: Carry the body, and stand as the arrow shows. When it turns on, you can’t shake left and right, or you will fall.
  2. Plastic casing: Connect pedal and loading parts.
  3. Motor: Provide power for icarbot.
  4. Atmosphere lamp: can choose different colors by APP.
  5. Power switch: Turn icarbot on.
  6. Handle bar: Lift icarbot up when turning off.
  7. Suspension universal wheel: Help walking and turning after it turns on.
  8. Turning taillight: when you turn left, the left light will blink; when you turn right, the right light will blink; when you go straight, the two lights will still on; when you brake or turn back, the two lights will blink.
  9. Battery: Provide energy for icarbot, the battery is removable, you can charge it when you in the icarbot or out of icarbot.
  10. Charging port: Connect with USB charger device, when it is charging, you can slide the charging port slider with charing plug.
  11. Icarbot body: Carry the body weight and protect the control device.
  12. AC plug: Connect mains and charger, which can be charged in 100-240V.
  13. DC output port: Connect battery and charger without specific direction.

Three.Product assembly

Picture 3

  1. Take icarbot out from the package, then take the battery out and rip off the protective cover.
  2. Put the battery into the battery bay,  mention the direction.
  3. Tighten the screws.
  4. Installation finished.

FourConnect the charger

Picture 4


  1. Connect charger with body,  attention that you can slide charging protection cover  with charing plug without specific direction.
  2. Connect mains and AC plug.
  3. You should charge at least 5 hours when first charging, to ensure the battery is activated.

Tips: For the new icarbot, you should use it after charging.

FiveFirst use

It has certain risk for the tiro, you must use it after learning the using method by instructional video and user manual.

Picture 5


  1. Put icarbot on the flat ground.
  2. Press the power switch to turn icarbot on.
  3. Open installed smartphone App to connect Bluetooth..
  4. After connecting Bluetooth, strictly operate according to APP.

SixLearn to ride

1   Preparations



A  For the beginner, Please try to wear comfortable clothes or sports clothes and dressed flat shoes, and wear a helmet and protective equipment such as elbow pads.

B  Please choose the right site, site require flat road and no obstructions, no vehicles and pedestrians


C  Before Riding, please check the below

  • electric quantity lever
  • If there is the car body shaking or abnormal noise
  • If there is friction between wheels and car body
  • if Start is normal

2   Riding Steps

Picture 7

1) First riding, please ride on smooth ground, step on icarbot from rear side with assistance.


Picture 8


2)Step your feet on icarbot one by one; please do stand in the middle of the black pedals,or it will influence the stability.

Picture 9


3)After standing steadily, relax your body, stand straightly, look forward, and then move  your weight to the pedals; please do not shake your body when standing on it.

Picture 10

4)When you hear the beep, move your weight forward or tread the front part of the pedals slowly, then you will drive the icarbot.

3   Riding Skills

Picture 11

A  Standing on: one foot first, and then another, remember to adjust your position.

Picture 12

B  Moving: when you hear the beep, that means you can begin riding.

Picture 13

C  Moving forward: put your weight on the front of your feet, or lean forward.


Picture 14

D  Turning left: put your weight on your left feet and lean left slightly.

Picture 15

E  Turing right: put your weight on your right feet and lean right slightly.

Picture 16

F Braking: when moving forward, put your weight to your heels and it brakes.

Picture 17

G Moving backward: after braking, keep your weight on your heels and it moves backward.


Picture 18

H Getting off: after stopping icarbot, quickly move your feet to the ground one by one and then cut off the power supply.

Note: when turning, put forth your strength with one foot only, icarbot will turn a very small circle; if put strength with the other foot as well, the heavier you tread the pedal, the bigger circle it will turn.

For the beginner, make sure select the default sensitivity settings in the APP, when you are already familiar with the skills to ride after used some time, can adjust the sensitivity.

SevenReplace the battery

 Picture 19


Icarbot adopt removable battery design to help go outing conveniently, you can buy spare battery if need.

1  Unscrew the fixed screws on the battery, then remove the battery without power, be attention to the protection cover to avoid short current

2  Remove the protection cover on the new battery, then put into battery holder, be attention the battery direction to be correctly

3  Tighten the screws, open the power to ride.

EightSafety knowledge

1  General knowledge about security

  • Icarbot is a sport scooter not the vehicle, do not ride the icarbot on the road, when ride it on the pavement, must be according to the instructions strictly, and try your best to protect you and other people’s safety.
  • To avoid scare other people on the road, respect them when ride icarbot, remind them when ride on the backside of people and slow the speed. When people are crowded which is not suitable for riding, can put the icarbot into the bag,try to keep away from people.
  • must be obey the safety requirement strictly of the manual for rider, for any reminding usage behavior to break the manual such as belongings loss,accident, low dispute and other adverse events of interest conflict, our company will not take any responsibility.
  • do not borrow the icarbot to other people who does not operate to avoid the injury, must be responsible for other people’s safety, before giving the icarbot to other people to use, adjust it to speed limit model in the APP, and see the safety video with him, ask him to wear safety protector, help him learn driving, and know the basic riding skills.
  • check the icarbot before riding each time, if found parts loose obviously, low mileage for battery, unusual case such as uncommon noise to change direction or brakes failed,  stop immediately, no riding again, and call our service number :400-080-7170to get the professional suggestion or maintainance service.

2  Safety use

Picture 20

Wear safety protector such as helmet, Elbow pads and knee pads before Riding


Picture 21

Do not ride on the roadway

Picture 22

Do not ride on the bump road or speed low road, keep away stone or bump road, or it cause icarbot rotate at high speed and out of control

Picture 23

No riding for children under 7 years of age

Picture 24

No riding on the raining and snow road

Picture 25

do not speed up or slow down hurriedly, the body Incline Angle to control is no more than 10°

Picture 26

No riding when low power alarm

Picture 27

In case of sudden danger, people must jump from back or the left or right

Picture 28

When over-speed alarm, should stop speed up immediately to avoid injury

Picture 29

When pick up icarbot, do not turn the wheel by hand to avoid crush

Picture 30

Working temperature: -10℃~40℃, battery have max mileage and performance

in normal temperature, in the low temperature, battery mileage and performance will reduce half from original, you’d better not ride

Picture 31

Do not clean by water directly, can wipe slightly by clear-water or alcohol

and other non corrosive liquid

Picture 32

When turning back,you should not move the gravity to your heels rapidly,or

you will fall down

Picture 33

Do not turn sharply on the speed more than 7km/h, or it cause wrestling danger

Picture 34

Going forward, avoid lift one foot, or it cause hairpin bends to danger

Picture 35

Do not ride on the ramp-way more than 10 degree, icarbot will fall down

because of less power

Picture 36

No riding with many people at the same time or no riding to hold a baby

Picture 37

No riding icarbot up and down stairs or on the escalator

3   safety charging

Picture 38

Do not charge for icarbot when raining

Picture 39

Connect the charger with icarbot first when charging, then connect the power

Picture 40

Do not open the switch when charging


Picture 41

In case of emergency when charging, cut off the plug of the charger


Picture 42

After full of charge, cut off the power first, then take off the connection between

the charger and icarbot

4   Security Maintenance

  • When not in use, please store in a cool and dry place
  • Long time not in use, please keep one time full charge in each month, to

maintain the vitality of the battery. Charging early and often as far as possible,

can greatly prolong the service life of the battery, please charge the battery

before the power completely exhausted

  • Can use alcohol or wet cloth to clean the scooter surface , please avoid to use a

corrosive liquid cleaning, otherwise the consequence is responsible for

5   Security Repair

  • Replace Battery: you can take the battery pack or contact with F-wheel service.
  • Replace the wheel: please contact with F-wheel distributor .
  • Replace the parts: please contact with F-wheel distributor.

Special announcement

Any damage by Emergencies or didn’t according to the requirements of specification or not with quality problems. The company does not undertake related directly or jointly and severally liable.

NineSpecification parameter 

Performance index




Car body(mm)





Max load(Kg)




Main parameter

Max speed(Km/h)


Max distance(Km)


Max uphill


Rate-limiting mode


Apply to the landform

  Level road, uphill≤10°

Preference Temperature

  -10~ +40

Storage Temperature

-20~ +45

  Waterproof Rate



  black/ white

Battery pack

nominal voltage(V)


maximum voltage(V)


rated capacity(Wh)



rated power(W)

  120 w *2


Input Raitng

  AC100-240V;50/60Hz 2.5A

rated output

  29.4V 2A

Charging time(h)


Remark: Items have different data and parameter. If any change, we will advice.

TenOmmon problem treatment


possible cause


When riding evenly, the scooterturn toward the side

Starting on the Bumpy road

Restart on the flat road

serious Dithering

 two foot’s in effort non-uniformity

Adjusting effort


Factory setting is low sensitivity

You can Adjust APP when skilled

Remark: if you cannot solve the problems according to these method, please contact our distributor or call us:400-080-7170

ElevenToxic and harmful substances declaration 

The People’s Republic of China electronic information products name and content of Hazardous Substances

According to Hazardous Substances limited of The People’s Republic of China (China ROHS) to provide the following form


About apply to China < < electronic information products pollution control measures> > statement

The name and content of  Hazardous Substances

Parts name

(Hazardous Substances)









structural parts




passivity IC


weld metal


  • means that it apply to SJ/T11363-2006

✖ means that it doesn’t  apply to SJ/T11363-2006

TwelveTrademarks and legal statement

F-wheel company have involved in a number of patents of icarbot balance scooter series product.This manual is made by F-wheel and owns the copyright , and any institution or individual can not be reproduced , distribute all or any part of this manual , and not allowed to use these patents without written permission of F-wheel.

This manual has been described as comprising the functions and instructions for use when printed.However, due to constantly improve the product features, design changes , etc., your purchase products may still discrepancies , please scan this manual App dimensional code to download the App for Android or IOS system and read the latest electronic version of using manual .Except F-wheel icarbot model, there are a number of different functions of the series and models. Some features mentioned in this document may not be achieved on your other F-wheel products. Due to product updates, this manual may deviate from the actual product in color, appearance, etc., please refer to the actual product.


Shenzhen Counterbalance Technology Co., Ltd.


Dagang industrial park B ridgepole 2 floor, Changzhen village,Gongming town, Guangming new district, Shenzhen.

ThirteenWarranty policy and description

Dear users:

Thank you for choosing F-wheel Icarbot Series intelligent electric balance scooter, in order to serve you better, after purchasing the product, please fill out and save this sales unit stamped warranty card, using together with the purchase invoice as the certificate of product after-sale service .

(Please keep the product outside box for some time, in case of the product have quality problems, need to return , you can use the original product packaging sending back)

User name




User Address


Product Model


Product Number


Date of Purchase


Purchase channels


Purchase Address


After-sale phone



Sales Unit:(Stamp)


Consumers purchase F-wheel Icarbot Series intelligent electric balance scooter through legitimate channels, within one year from the date of purchase (motor, control panel, battery charger for 1 year warranty, battery for 6 months) once the product have quality problems, holding warranty card and a valid proof of purchase can get free service of three packs warranty .

1 Including in following any one case will not covered under warranty columns when users using it:

1 Exceed three packs of validity;

2 Due to natural disasters or force majeure (fire, earthquake, lightning, etc.) cause damage ;

3 Since the product does not meet the requirements of environmental cause damage ;

4 Failure to use the product manual requires to use, maintenance, custody, maintenance and cause damage;

5 Due to unauthorized disassemble, make alterations and other human factors cause damage;

6 During the transport, handling or riding cause damage by human factors;

7 Unable to provide valid proof of purchase and warranty card;

8 Non-product quality problems caused damage;

9 As this product is used commercially, is not always guaranteed.

2Parts prices and fees  please go to F-wheel official website for detailed advice

3 Return Policy



Type of Changing or Refunding

Detailed description

Start date

Sales Return


State law functionality or product quality problems

Confirmed by F-wheel company authorized service provider detection , and issue a test report to ensure the problem belongs the quality problem of goods.

From the date of user receipt



State law functionality or product quality problems

Confirmed by F-wheel company authorized service provider detection , and issue a test report to ensure the problem belongs the quality problem of goods.

From the date of user receipt

If not within the scope of the warranty and can be serviced, the company offers a paid service, the final interpretation of the contents of this service owned by the Company.

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