iCarbot Won the Hong Kong Best Design Award and Outdoor & Sporting Item Award

iCarbot riding experience

On January 4, 2017,   Hong Kong Trade Development Council Conference Press announced that F-wheel’s iCarbot won the 2017 Hong Kong Design Award and the best Hong Kong outdoor sports item award. This two Honor is for the efforts of the F-wheel product design team to a series of continuous design improvement to the iCarbot. And this refined product is ultimately recognized by the public; F-wheel’s product quality and functional availability first are also recognized by the general market.Small i-car won the Hong Kong Design Award and the best outdoor sports supplies two awards

F-wheel designers are a group pursuing perfection. They are a group of people have fun  in the road of design. Each person’s dream is worth  waiting and realizing. This ecstacy unconsciously fell in their body. As to the designers, the thing they want most is their own design be recognized by the sociaty, which will inspire them go toward a higher goal and requirements.

Hong Kong Officiers’ Visit


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iCarbot is the world’s first mass-produced smart somatosensory vehicle, and they have applied the patent protection in more than 100 countries worldwide. This is a family-level entertainment and commuting tool. Both adults and children can interact with each other while playing, it can also be played personally. It is the product that everyone can use, play and being cool with in family.

iCarbot riding experience

F-wheel will try to gain further success both in product design and practicality, bringing their partners better products.

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