Sepeda Listrik Pintar DYU D5

Model DYU terbaru 2021 November. Produk baru diluncurkan. Tinggalkan pesan di bawah ini untuk harga, parameter & dealer, dll.

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Spesifikasi sepeda pintar DYU D5:

Baterai LG 19.2Ah yang dapat dilepas;

100 km tahan lama,

suspensi depan dan belakang,

48V 500W roda besar 14 inci;

kursi yang bisa disesuaikan

lampu indikator belakang

dyu d5
dyu d5
dyu d5
dyu d5
dyu d5

Beli satu

  1. Ant Clifford

    How did you guys manage to get one? I’ve been told I cannot buy only 1?

  2. Clay Travis

    I have used this electric bicycle for about a year. I use it every day. The battery life is still very healthy. It is very suitable for use in the city. The advantage is that it is light and portable. I can lift it up with one hand.

  3. Bharathi

    I have this one.
    love it.

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