7 Essentials factors to consider before importing e-bikes from China

7 Essentials factors to consider before importing e-bikes from China ogromny-wzrost-importu-elektrykow-z-chin-1

An E-bike or electric bicycle is an electric motor driven bicycle, which assists rider with peddling. You can find many different types of e-bikes worldwide, Chinese manufactured e-bikes and scooters as most of the things are being mostly imported and sought after and when considering to import from a Chinese manufacturer always consider these essential factors.

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  1. Price

It’s difficult to compare the price of e-bikes, the reason that the components the e-bike is composed of quantifying it. An e-bike with high standard components will cost more so its important that you do your research and decide on the specification for your product so you can get a quote for the same product from different manufacturers. If you are looking for a custom designed body it would incur more costs than normal. Most manufacturers will require the wholesaler to finance for the extra tools and molds that they would require to custom built your bicycle so you must always plan to keep your budget in mind. Importing from China the Zhejiang province is where you’ll find most manufacturers so it’s better to look into that market as you’ll get more competitive prices.

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  1. Product Specifications:

Most Chinese manufacturers lack strict quality checks and may use any set of components easily available in stock to assemble your product so it’s important to specify the manufacturer which components you want. The list provides a detailed overview of the product overview that you shall settle with the manufacturer.

  • Motor: Selecting the right motor is of utmost importance as it not only determines quality but different countries have different regulations about the type of motor that can be used on an e-bike. Australia allows a motor with power ranging from 200-270(Watts). In Canada, the power rating could be up to 500W. E-bikes being imported to Europe must be less than 250W as defined by European Union directive 2002/24/EC and European product safety standard EN 15194. The United States legislation limits the motor to be less than 750W.

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  • Gears: They are not manufactured by e-bike suppliers themselves. Like many other components, these are purchased from companies dealing in those specific products. Manufacturing gears are not that simple, and replacing them is expensive. That’s the reason why most importers prefer to use brand name gears, from reliable manufacturers.
  • Battery: It is usually a Li-Ion (Lithium Iron Phosphate), quality differ in terms of weight, lifespan, and capacity. Most suppliers use batteries from well-known brands so make sure to check it, they shall also be able to prove that the battery is compliant with relevant product regulations. The documents specifying the brand, model and type of battery must be provided by supplier too for smooth transition through ports.
  • Charger: Make sure when selecting a charger is compliance with applicable electrical safety standards, in the destination market. The supplier shall be able to show compliance documentation, such as test reports and certificate of compliance, that is valid for the specific charger model you’re buying.

These other specifications are based on your design preferences and could be set up according to your standards. Make sure you write these down in your agreement with the supplier.

  • Wheel size.
  • Frame Color.
  • Net Weight.
  • Loading Capacity.

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  1. Quality:

In such a large pool of manufacturers, there will be some who would offer you way less than others and they may look like a good deal financially but that means you may be compromising in quality. Look out for a manufacturer that could maintain a supply chain of high components and is not working of some small workshop in China, as the end product may not live to your expectations and it could all be a waste of time and money. You should never take a sales agent word about the product most of the manufacturers do not have access to high-quality material and always have a strict quality assurance process which could be taking a look into the components, making sure the manufacturer uses the same components during assembling and always checking the documentation with any component or material. You could always buy from a known supplier like by electric bikes so that no ambiguity is left regarding the quality the supplier will be providing.

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  1. Safety Standards and Regulations:

E-bikes that are to be imported to the United States, Europe, Canada or Australia (and a number of other markets) are subject to product safety regulations. There are some laws specifically regulates electric bikes as a whole. Moreover, there are other regulations that apply to batteries and other components. Most of the suppliers/ manufacturers would either not know of them or may not keep these in check except those which have been exporting e-bikes from China before. So make sure that you ask your supplier to provide safety test reports and use product from known brands as established brands ensure that their products are safe and compliant.

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  1. Labeling:

Different countries require the product being sold to have the required labels that showcase different properties. The CE, CCC, WEEE and the country of origin mark should be thus stamped on your e-bikes. There could be other labels depending on the destination of sale and thus it is up to you to provide with all label files required.


  1. Documentation:

You have made sure that the e-bike is technically compliant, is in accordance with different directives and correctly labeled still there is documentation required before you could import your product to the port of destination. These documents are:

  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Bill of Materials
  • List of applicable standards
  • Manual
  • AC Adapter datasheet
  • Battery datasheet
  • Risk assessment
  • Lab test reports


  1. Taxes applicable:

Depending on your port of destination there are different customs duties and taxes applicable to your product resulting in an increase in price. The rider may be required to register the e-bike before its use and you need to keep this mind. Pricing should be arranged accordingly to make sure you do not end up in the loss.

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These are 7 essential factors to keep in mind before importing e-bike from China but things could vary at places and so you should always do extensive research before settling on your supplier/manufacturer. Reviews are provided on the internet for different e-bikes and you should always look them up before deciding.

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