Inge Lehmann Nepal earthquake The F wheel Electric Powered Unicycle to Green Travel

The flywheel, powered unicycle to green travel

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electric unicycle

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With the increase of urban population, city car number increasing travel to bring traffic congestion, has become a major problem facing many first-tier cities, the people tried to fix methods, still can not change the status of the traffic jam, the emergence of a new means of traffic transportation, brings the hope, the new off-road vehicles is the flywheel will powered unicycle, an effective solution to the problem of congestion of transportation.

Nepal earthquake: Rescue resumes after deadly tremor

Flywheel powered unicycle will adopt the import of battery is original SONY lithium battery, the battery compared with other brands of electric unicycle use batteries, safety performance is more secure, charging efficiency is higher, the flywheel will unicycle’s biggest characteristics of the brand is the battery service life is long, strong durability, more important is power strong, can say in the whole industry, is a unicycle players first consider.

The balance of the balance of electric car and steering is controlled by the gyroscope sensor, the gyro sensor can sense the change of the human body center of gravity, according to different body tilt Angle, the different locations in the center of gravity to balance electric car issue instructions, the balance of electric car driving behavior to make corresponding adjustment.Flywheel will balance electric cars to ensure more secure and efficient travel experience to people, carrying the latest gravity gyroscope sensor, in helping the body to keep the balance at the same time, to reduce the product the response time of milliseconds, to get people to operate the car, feel more relaxed.In addition, the user when driving, can according to different road conditions to the balance of the flywheel will electric car driving a corresponding instruction, so as to better driving.
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self balancing unicycle

one wheel scooter
one wheel scooter
self balancing scooter

Flywheel electric balance will bring to us is not only advanced science and technology, but also a kind of interpretation of the way of life in the future.The low carbon, safe way to travel, to bring us convenient, we also make a small contribution to protect the earth’s environment

Inge Lehmann: Danish seismologist rocks Google’s earth
Danish seismologist, who was born on 13 May 1888, discovered the existence of the Earth’s inner core
Inge Lehmann Google doodle
Google doodle marking the day on which Danish seismologist Inge Lehmann was born in 1888. Photograph: Google
Guardian staff
Wednesday 13 May 2015 07.49 BST

Google’s latest doodle celebrates the birthday of Danish seismologist Inge Lehmann, who discovered the existence of an inner core in the Earth.

Coming 127 years after her birth, the doodle shows the Earth split in two with the inner core shining in the centre.

Lehmann, who died aged 104 in 1993, studied earthquakes to find that the Earth had both an inner and outer core, a revelation which redefined how the planet was studied.

The flywheel will balance the electric car, travel to a new visual Angle, went before the people travel view, let people know that the original green travel has never been a dream, green travel can become a reality.

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