Instructions for the use of the folding ebike A1F

a1f dyu electric bike


Name Folding ebike Folding size 690*300*580mm
Model A1F Box size 720*340*610mm
Unfolding size 1300*1005*450mm Load 120kg
Weight 18kg Riding mode Pure electronic/Foot assist
Star mode Foot help Motor voltage 36V   250W
Sitting tube 400mm Brake distance Dry:No longer than 4ma

Humid:No longer than 15m(Speed: 20km/H)

Wheel size 16 inch Motor position Rear wheel
Brake mode Front/Rear disc brake Lacquer process Automobile paint
Speed variation Single Highest speed 20km/H
Waterproofing level IP54 Battery capacity 5AH
Battery Domestic electric core 18650 lithium ion battery group Charge limited voltage 42V
Mileage Peddling Charge time 3H
Screen Digital display, speed, electricity Cushion color Black
APP Smart app Body Material Metal


Riding preparation 


Read this instruction carefully to know the product performance and requests.


1.Check the tire state: Whether the pressure is sufficient. If insufficient, the tire is required to be inflated to the normal state; Whether the tire lace is overly worn, if the tire surface is overly damaged or cracked, the new tire should be replaced immediately to the relevant maintenance place to prevent the vehicle from skidding on the wet or smooth road.

2.Check circuit system: battery power is sufficient to support the completion of your required mileage or not. Charge first if the electricity is not enough.Whether the dashboard (non standard configuration,) of the digital tube and electricity indicator light work normal, if there is a fault, eliminate it first for maintenance then ride.


  1. Check the brake system: check whether the power function of the brake is normal or not. If the brake power failure function is invalid, please


do not use it. Please send it to the relevant maintenance place in time for maintenance.



  1. check the speed change function: whether the speed change function of the bicycle is normal or not, if not, do not use it.


Send it to the relevant maintenance place to repair.


5.Check other items: whether the whole vehicle (mainly front and back wheel) screws are tight; whether the handlebar is adjusted well; whether the wheel lock has been opened; whether the foot has been put in place; whether the quick dismantling folding device is loose , and the safety buckle is in place.

Basic use

Before you ride the ebike, be sure to wear a safety helmet and the corresponding elbow protector.

 1.Power on/ off


1.,press the boot button and turn on the machine; press the boot button again and turn off. When the vehicle stops running for 5 minutes, the dashboard will turn off the ebike automatically.


  1. booster shift (up and down keys to switch, short or upper or lower keys to switch 1-3 shif. 1 shif is the  minimum power, 3 shif is the highest power. Every time the is turned on, the default shift is automatically set as 1.
  2. Driving


1) Manpower mode:  needn’t turn on the power switch, directly ride on the foot pedal like a bicycle.


2) Assisting model


Long press to turn on the power switch, at the start mode and shift, peddle the ebike by way of manpower.


When the speed of the whole vehicle is more than 5km/h, the controller will start running at this time and can use electric power to drive  continuously.


3) pure electric mode


As long as the power switch is turned on, make the riding preparation, and directly use the dial accelerator, it’s the electric riding then, the change of the shift can change the speed of the pure electric riding.



1. During riding, if in uphill, adverse wind and bad road conditions, manpower should be used to assist power riding to reduce battery load.

2.If there is any abnormal condition during the riding, emergency brake should be made to both front and rear brake, and the power switch should be turned off immediately. Continue to ride after ensuring that the vehicle is in normal condition.


3. The bike is not afraid of light rain or snow, but it can not wade across the river indefinitely. The wading depth should not exceed the lower edge of the motor hub, otherwise, it will cause internal leakage of the motor hub.


(4) for your safety and others, please ride on the non motorized lane, do not carry people and obey the traffic rules.


  1. Before  driving an electric bike as a newbie, you should thoroughly understand the performance of the electric vehicle before you can go on the road.


  1. Don not drive with motor vehicles or drive too close to automobiles, and avoid driving into the blind area of motor vehicle drivers.

Turn off the power when parking to save electricity

3. Brake


1) When brake while driving, stop pedaling first and then use the brakes.


2) brake rear wheel first, then brake front wheel.


  • when the emergency brake is needed, the front and rear brake should  be used at the same time because the braking effect will be reduced if using alone.



  1. When braking, speeding or turning, you must be very careful. Try not to increase the manpower at this time.


  1. drive at a slower speed and leave a long enough distance to others.


  1. pay more attention to slippery and smooth road, and keep enough brake distance.

4.Folding(Follow the folding method)


  1. Loose the safety button after    2.Break up folding quick dismantling   3.CIS fold the handlebar



  • Open the middle tube folding safety button(3)   5,Open the folding button(4)     6,Adjust the peddle folding middle tube




  1. when you get off the ebike and push, you should turn off the power switch to ensure the service life of batteries, motors and electrical switches, and prevent accidents.


  1. When open thekickstand, it’s recommended to park the vehicle in a spacious place. When temporarily parking, please use the safety lock to lock the vehicle (the safety lock is not provided asthe accessories).


  1. do not park yourebikein the building hall, evacuation staircase, safety exit, follow the safety code and park correctly.



  1. About the charger


  1. when charging, please use factory designated special charger, it should not be charged in the residential buildings, and place it where the children can not touch safe
  2. pay attention to the charger plug when the charger is used, so as to avoid damaging the plug and causing poor input or output. At the same time, pay attention to moistureproof and waterproof.


  1. Not allowed to use in unstable, excessive oil fumes and dust, humid, direct sunlight environment; do not connect electrical appliances when lightning, maintain good ventilation conditions.


  1. in the use and storage of the charger, pay attention to avoid external objects entering, strictly prohibit any liquid or metal and other objects into the charger, so as to avoid the internal short circuit of the charger. Beware of an impact or a violent shock.


  1. there is a high voltage inside the charger. Please do not open it without professionals. Please do not change the plug and wire of the charger by yourself.


  1. the charger should not be carried with the car when possible. If it is necessary to carry it, it should be placed in the toolbox after the shock absorption is done well, and the device in the charger shall not be dismantled or replaced by yourself.


Charging process

  1. when charging, put the charger in the ventilation place first, then plug the charger outlet into the charging hole, then plug the charger into the electricity.


  1. indicator changed from red to green, indicating that electricity was basically full. It should be recharged for 1-2 hours to ensure that the battery is fully charged. The longest time should not exceed 6 hours.


  1. After charging, the input plug of the charger should be unplugged and then the output plug connected to the ebike. It is forbidden to connect the charger to the electric power outlet for a long time without charging. When you smell the odor in the charging process or find the charger battery’s temperature is too high, please stop charging immediately and send it back to the maintenance department to repair it.

2.About the battery(Non professionals shouldnt dismantle it)



  1. Between the limit of 0 degree ~ 45 degree, the battery is charged; Between -20 degree ~ 60 degree discharge, keeping the battery dry and strictly forbidden to put the battery in the acid and alkaline liquid, avoiding the rain, away from the fire source, the heat source and the high temperature environment. It is strictly forbidden to reverse the positive and negative electrodes of the battery. It is strictly prohibited to destroy, disassemble the battery or make the battery short circuited. When charging, please use the original special charger,charging should not be more than 6 hours, the charging current is not more than 2A. In the long run, please keep the battery in the cool and dry place, and charge the battery for five hours a month. When charging, the battery must be handled according to the instructions. Otherwise, the user will be responsible to the result.


  1. the newly purchased bike electricity may not be enough for transportation and inventory. Please charge the battery first and then ride the battery.


  1. users must charge according to the requirements of the instructions when charging, otherwise the consequences will be conceited. Pay attention to the battery type and applicable voltage charged by the charger, and strictly prohibit mixing. When charging, it should be placed in a ventilated environment. It is strictly prohibited to recharge in residential buildings, confined space or hot weather.


  1. when the vehicle is folded, the two metal contacts on the battery box end can not touch at the same time, which will result an accident caused by the short circuit of the battery.


  1. batteries should not be stored or used under high temperature for more than 60C in the sun. If you don’t need it for a long time, please charge the battery once a month and charge it to half full at a time.


  1. pay attention to waterproof, strictly prohibit the battery get in water.

3.About the motor 

Attention should be paid to protecting motor outlet, avoiding short circuit of motor line wear and burning motor. At the same time, attention should be paid to avoid motor immersion in water for long time.

  1. About the controller

Attention should be paid to the protection of the exposed wires of the vehicle, so as to avoid causing the short-circuit burn out of the controller, and strictly prohibit the flushing of the controller with water.


  1. you must wear helmets, gloves, kneecap and elbow protectors before riding.


  1. it is best to ride at medium speed. Do not continue pedaling when slowing down.


  1. it is not allowed to ride on motorways, pedestrians and steep slopes. (climbing gradient should be less than 20 degrees)


  1. it is not allowed to ride over the maximum negative weight of the body. (maximum load 100KG)


5 it is not allowed to  use in extremely hot and cold environment. It is not suitable to ride on a bumpy wet road.


  1. strictly prohibit the use of children under 16 years of age. Illegal use may encounter many unexpected dangers. The company does not undertake any liability of damage to life or personal injury and property damage when not following this manual.

Declaration of responsibility 

The company has the right to amend the product type, specification or related information mentioned in the manual and reserve the final interpretation right.

  1. The specific type of functions mentioned in this manual is applicable to this particular type only.

2. Any changes or changes in the product type, the specification or related information mentioned in this manual will not notice the user.

  1. Without the written permission of the company, no copy, modification, retransmission, dissemination or release of the version manual shall be made in any form.
  2. please read the handbook carefully before using the product and operate it in accordance with the manual. Otherwise, the company is not responsible for the damage of the products caused by improper use or error or the loss of personal and property.
  3. For product related information, please inquire on