Interesing Combination: Relating the Poker with High-speed Rail

As one of the leaders in self balancing vehicle field, F-wheel is paid much attention in this summer. Since May and June, F-wheel has made a big improvement in market through an activity in domestic market named Old for New. What’s more, F-wheel also cooperated with China high-speed rail office and held a new activity recently with great investment. F-wheel has printed out about 100 thousand pokers for China high-speed rail and since then the travelers on the rail have the chance to play and have fun with F-wheel customized poker cards. The travel of the passengers becomes more interesting and fun. This is a big surprise to mass electric unicycle enthusiasts. Now, let’s have a look at the poker card.




Yes, pretty good with electric unicycle.

At the end, the author have to mention we are sorry for that F-wheel self balancing products is not perfect and the inconvenience it brought you. Thank you for your precious advice for us. We keeps improving. This self balancing industry is a newly emerging industry in recent years whose technique is still not mature enough, and most enterprises like us have encountered the same problem. Moreover, many are even much worse than us. To be honest, we are the third enterprise who first started to manufacture this vehicle and have richer experience and confidence to excel most other enterprises in China.  Thank you for your support and patience. For more information or advice sending, please contact us with the link below. And asking for the poker cards as a present after purchasing is also doable.  You are welcome all the time.

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