Is Self Balancing Scooter Illegal? China Government Says No!

It proves that China government stands on the supporting side of the self balancing scooter. Self balancing scooters including electric unicycle, mini two wheel scooter and one wheel scooter become incredibly prevalent all over the world recently. Under this huge background, some investors and merchants who are very eager to make money with this new invented scooter may ask if this kind of scooter is legal.

Recently, the mayor of Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province in China, the minister of  national science and technology department and  many other leaders in China have visit the research and development base of high tech F-wheel company, who is the leading self balancing vehicle manufacturer and exporter in China. Many leader of China government spoke highly of F-wheel self balancing products and promise to support F-wheel company in the near future with better policy and direct financial support. They all thought this high tech product has a bright future and encouraged F-wheel to develop more outstanding stuff in the near future to serve . F-wheel company owns a great hope and expectation for the goverment and country. The good thing is the mass common people benefit a lot from this in the end.


Though self balancing products are supported by the govenment. We still have to admit that the this kind of product have some disadvantages compared to the other mature product like electric bicycle and electric cars.  Thus they have a greater risk of being involved in accidents. Park Seong-soo, 27, an office worker, was almost hit by an F-wheel on his way home from the office. Scooting along it passed within inches of him on the sidewalk. Some people do not like because this. However, nothing will happen. Like when the airplane is invented, some people do not like the thunderring huge noisy bursted out from the engine. Nothing is perfect. The only way to live a better way to accept something new and better with a open mind. The most safe way to commute is walking, then no accident will happen. Car accident occurs much often when millions of peoples still use the car everyday.

At first it may sounds interesting. Because the new invention can not be defined. Some people may worry about the traffic laws. Under current traffic laws, one- or two-wheeled scooters are classified neither as a bicycle nor a motorcycle,” a Beijing Metropolitan Police Agency official said. Under the traffic laws, motorcycle riders are required to obtain a driver’s license. But most owners of electric scooters here ride them without one.  As far as common people concerned, this kind of scooter do not has very high speed and has little damage power. It’s unnecessary to toil the police and government to take care of this. What’s more, the inconvenience and large cost of social resources cause by the lisense censoring is worthless at all.

No one like to ride a safe speed and small damage power scooter to be asked to own a certificate. It’s just like you ride a skateboard and being asked for a certificate. Then everyone becomes a criminal including the child. I can not image that.


Every new thing comes out with a strange look and untrusted sense. No one is to blame because it’s the instict of people. Brave people conquer it faster and profit from it earlier than the others. About two months later theChrismas festival is coming, are you going to own one self balancing scooter, wholesale or resell it? Leave us a message then you’ll get detailed information about that.

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