Jaw-dropping Stunning E Bike DYU – Best electric bike – the Beautiful People’s Only Choice –

Jaw-dropping Stunning E Bike DYU – the Beautiful People’s Only Choice

Various and dozens of ebikes in market disturbed people. It’s a Holocaust choosing among them.

Then DYU smart bike comes and saves the cool people from the painful campaign.  When you’re trying to be cool and elegant when commuting, take DYU ebike and you won’t regret at all.

e motorroller dyu electric bike

Best electric bike

This is a very cute scooter! It has better features than some other scooters in this price range. It arrived in good shape. It had a small nick in the saddle and the rubber charge port cover was dangling down. The port cover doesn’t stay in place on its own, had to tape it in place.

First charge took two hours, just like the instructions said. The charger gets hot. The “horn” is very weak. The headlight is very nice. Good brake, cool brake light. About 20 people rode the scooter at a family party. Everyone liked it! Some wanted more rides. The scooter was going steady for about two hours before the juice finally ran out. Over all, we like this “dolphin!” – DYU ebike user in USA.

As a reseller, you can put it in your high-end store and improve your store environment greatly, catch more eyes of people.

This is a part of F-wheel’s factory (PS: F-wheel is a manufacturer, not a detailer):

Ten thousand ebike has been sold out in China, every now and then, you can see DYU in the street, in the garden, on the road sides. Young and fashionable people are the main customers.  Get on the board of F-wheel ASAP or you’ll be too late to sell it anymore.

In the jail of cars, millions of people lose the chance enjoying the health-helpful breeze and beautiful scenery on roadsides. And riding a cumbersome and ugly ebike makes anyone awkward though the rider enjoyed it himself. Even worse, walking makes people tired and sweaty all over in the horrific summer… Consider about a better stylish ebike, then all the problems above will disappear.

Riding it indoor is OK.

Put it in the yard or roadside.

With the basket, you can put any all kinds of little stuff in it, convenient.

Show every bit your beautiful shape with DYU.

DYU Smart Bike D1


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