Korean & Germany Customers Visit F-wheel DYU E Bike Factory – German electric bike

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F-wheel drops a bomb and makes some noise in the world.

A part of smart and wise business people with rich experience in ebike field first hear about the new gadget with impressive and powerful merits, and take planes to visit the factory of F-wheel without any hesitation.

south korean customer

The Korean customers speak highly of DYU this week.germany customers

The German customer becomes friends with Tom, the F-wheel factory manager.

where to find the ebike manufacturer reliable

This new beautiful spirit with irresistible charm win the heart of million in the world immediately since born.

To process the bulk orders from people all over the world, F-wheel factory staffs work day and night. Until now, they barely have a break for some coffee. But they’re more than happy for serving their dear customers.

german electric bike,electric bike korea

Click the picture below to get more information about the shining ebike:

DYU Smart Bike D1