DYU Smart Bike 2019 new product launch and brand upgrade show are successfully held in Germany

DYU Smart Electric Bike new product launch V1

DYU Smart Bike team launched a new product at Eurobike show in Friedrichshafen, Germany at 9:30 am, 5th, September 2019. And the DYU brand founder led the team to create a brand new brand image and spared all their efforts to promote DYU Smart Bike V1. Hundreds of guests from all over the world witnessed the show.

DYU Smart Bike brand upgrade -DYU latest Logo is released

In recent years, consumption upgrades have brought about the growth of high-end products. The most popular electric bicycles for consumers are not staying at the stage of transportation, but moving towards intelligent, technological, personalized and branded development. It is not difficult to see that brand is a kind of evaluation and cognition of a company and its products, but also a kind of trust.
At the same time of the new upgrade of the DYU smart bike brand, DYU team also thanked the trust and support of hundreds of thousands of DYU families around the world. Under the eyes of many guests, DYU’s latest logo is stunningly presented. It is simple in design, smart in image and full of technology sense. It’s solgan Making Travel More Stylish, gets more close to life. This brand upgrade represents the the DYU spirit of minimalism, fashion technology and excellence.
dyu new product v1
Li Wei, the founder of DYU, explained in the release of the latest logo, “DYU represents freedom and happiness, the new logo is more simple and abstract, and it is a combination of the letters D and Y, more like a free-swimming fish. The upgraded brand image gives the DYU a clearer positioning, simple, stylish and technological. As the founder of DYU smart bike, Li Wei is convinced that the successful upgrade of this brand will also stick to the concept of DYU smart bike, and continue to bring surprises to consumers, as well as the enjoyment of beauty and wisdom. It is reported that more brand IP derivatives will also be released in China in October this year.

Simple and stylish DYU Smart Bike V1 new product rave

dyu new product v1
After the announcement of the brand new upgrade, the DYU V1 new product release is even more exciting. Li Wei, the founder of DYU, explained the design concept of the new product. With LESS IS MORE as the core, the design of the whole vehicle fully reflects the less is more, the hidden battery design, and the body is integrated into a simple and generous frame. DYU V1 meets the needs of today’s young and diverse people: smart butler APP, security guards, sci-fi lighting, ultra-comfortable wide seats. It looks like a stripe of dazzling light, simple and clear V-shaped frame is rock-solid, and it equippes the front and rear double shock absorption system with the DYU third generation DTST sensing system, making riding easier and more energy efficient. The new product perfectly expresses the spirit of “simple, free and distinctive” for young people. It has created a unique smart and connected travel experience for young people, bringing consumers a unique and more comfortable life. Finally, Li Wei said that the V1 may be the most fashionable and comfortable model with the miniature lithium battery.
dyu new product v1
As everyone knows, Germans are famous for their rigorous and careful attitude. Patrick, a DYU smart bike dealer from Germany, personally take a ride on it for a test after a full-scale understanding of the DYU Smart Bike V1, exclaiming it’s awesome and like it very much. When asked about “What thoughts do you have about the DYU new product, he said, “The new product is getting more and more fashionable, the DYU positioning is getting clearer, and the brand culture DNA is becoming more and more obvious. DYU not only demonstrates a new fashion attitude, but also brings a way of life.” All the guests and dealers present are very confident with DYU Smart Bike new series. They said that not only in Germany, but also in Europe as a whole, they can see the DYU and see that China is leading the European market.
This new product launch introduction show won tons of good reviews. And DYU’s new product launch and brand upgrade ended successfully in Germany. With this landmark promotion, it will further encourage DYU to move forward in the global development and make persistent efforts! It will strive to develop continuously and expand the global sales territory, by improving the core competitiveness of products, enhancing brand awareness, and making DYU smart bike a model for China’s success in overseas marketing.
dyu new product v1
DYU Smart Bike has led the fashion personal travel field, and it has become an object that young people like and pursue. And DYU team firmly believe that the DYU V1 new product simply listed has unstoppable charm, bringing consumers a more comfortable travel experience. Patrick, the DYU partner of Germany, also sent a heartfelt blessing to wish DYU continue to be a leader in green travel field and enter a fast-growing channel in near the future. “Continue to move forward and set off a bigger wave of fashion travel in the future.”
In addition, Li Wei said that this year comes with fruitful results, there will be new products to be launched soon. Let’s keep following DYU smart bike to witness another new success in the smart travel field.

Click here to view the new product V1 and inquire for more information.

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