League of Justice Bao Riding on Electric Unicycles Appeared in 2015 Zhengkai Marathon

Zhengkai International Marathon came to a close on March 29th,2015. Those robust athletes running on the track have impressed us very much, as well as the people cheering for the Marathon,who were as beautiful as a gorgeous sight.

Those marothon competitors rushed forward at their own pace after the ring out of the gunshot. At the same time, a group of electric unicycle enthusiasts riding on electric unicycles in suits of Justice Bao and his guards cheered for those competitors. They set off at the start of Zhengkai avenue down to its end, keeping on encouraging those competitors and bringing fun to the crowd of onlookers all the way. Pedestrians on the roadside, paticipants and media reporters asked them to take photos with them together one after another. What’s more, some polices in charge even could not help taking a few photos of this interesting group. Team Justice bao group was made up by the unicycle enthusiasts from Qilehui International Self-balancing Unicycle Club, who were sponsored by F-wheel, the leading brand of electric unicycle and the strategic partner of the marathon, who had providing over ten electric unicycles for the marathon volunteers, which improved their work efficiency greatly. It was reported that the F-wheel electric unicycles were awarded to the marothon winners as prize.
F-wheel electric unicycle is a kind of tool for riding instead of walk with the ability of self balancing powered by electricity. And brand F-wheel is subordinate to Zhengzhou F-wheel Industrial Co,.Ltd. who is a high tech enterprise on a mission of green intelligent travel. Meanwhile, its products has been exported to dozens of countries, enjoying a high reputaion and refreshing the impression of Made in China of foreigners. Dozens of unicycle type, 5 series belonging to this company, are the best tools for riding instead of walk for city short trips. Further more, F-wheel has been awarded the prize of Best Vehicle Journey Partner and The Best Responsibility Brand.

Qilehui International Self-balancing Unicycle Club is a platform to have all the unicycle lovers making friends with each other and learning from each other. Unicycle lovers could enjoy all kinds of fun brought by the self-balancing unicycles.

This kind of electric unicycle now owns more and more enthusiasts, and we do wish this self balancing unicycle to bring more and more convenience to people, making more and more people fall in love with this new kind of green trip mode.

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