Live a Stylish Life with DYU Smart Bike – The Best Chinese Electric Bike

Live a Stylish Life with DYU Smart Bike – The Best Chinese Electric Bike
As China makes more and more positive topics in recent years in manufacturing field, the so-called “best seller” products made in China shows more and more frequently. DYU smart electric bike is one of the stars among the best products from China.
Below are some examples of Chinese best seller products in the world:
China’s most advanced export – High Speed Rail
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) throughout the developed countries Dj
The large aircraft – After ten years of grinding, a sharp sword finally was produced.
Old Grandma – Chili patse
And the hot strip of aristocracy – Weilong
Yeah, there’s also an electric bike opens the door of the global market. Do not think that the foreigners likes ride foreign products, in fact, they all like to buy cost-effective Chinese brands. For example, the DYU electric bike, many of them are riding in the streets and alleys everywhere in the city, like New York, Paris and London and so on.
DYU bike has a petite figure, but can burst big energy, super cool and stylish, loved by the people from all over the world.

It’s the right choice of the short trip

The  DYU smart bike body is made of aluminum alloy, lightweight and durable, and the overall vehicle weight is about 15kg.
Although the volume is small, the maximum load can reach 120kg, which is suitable for most adults. Whether it is the slim woman or heavy man, it can be easily controlled.
You can not forget the beautiful appearance, there are three colors: classic black, fashionable white, brilliant red.
The DYU smart bike is equipped with 350W high speed brushless rear drive motor, low speed, fast power, quiet running, no noise on the road, like a quiet “little girl”.
I could play this way. This big brother’s posture is very handsome.
The driving quota voltage of the DYU electric bike is 36 volts, and the 18650 power type lithium batteries, the same type as Tesla, and it’s smaller than the common lead-acid batteries. The endurance of the battery is stronger and the life of the battery is longer. The battery box is designed in the middle position of the body, like a dolphin jumping into the water.
The DYU smart bike D2 has foot assistance function, through the controller, according to the size of the signal of the force sensor, it is allocated to the different driving power of the motor, so as to achieve the automatic matching of the human and electric power to drive the electric vehicle to rotate together.
Two red vehicle together, with a sense of harmony
The intelligent APP detects and checks the status of the vehicle all day, with the function of electronic fence, precise positioning, riding track, intelligent lock. Let you fall in love with high tech and fall in love with China.

One hand can carry it up, makes it easy to travel with.

Once folded, easy access to the subway, elevator, etc., can be placed in the family corner, office, bicycle trunk and so on.
Dyu Smart Bike has been exported to most countries in Europe, like France, Italy, Germany and Spain, and the United States. Meanwhile, it has successfully established operations centers in South Korea and Singapore. The DYU brand will continue to plow the international market and make China product spread out in the world.

Please don’t wander in hesitation, join the fashion and stylish smart riding revolution now. The best electric bike in China, DYU smart bike is waiting for you. Leave a message below to get more information about it.

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