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ave you considered riding a one wheel scooter? Or you still think it’s an idea that belongs to the future? A few years ago, no one would have ever though thought of balancing on a single-wheeled skateboard. I mean, can you imagine a person weighing about 120 pounds wheezing past you while supported by a board on one wheel? Or two “lovebirds” cruising in the streets while riding on a floating skateboard? The thought leave alone the sight of this would make you think it’s one of those sci-fi movies set in the future. The closest you may have come to such reality is watching superheroes and super villains floating on such kind of board. Think of the green goblin fighting against spiderman!


Well, what seemed to be fantasy or a futuristic dream is now reality. Now you can float your way to school, office, or any other place by riding on a one-wheeled scooter. What’s more you don’t just enjoy the convenience but also look cool among your friends and colleagues. While they are busy maneuvering through the streets with the traditional scooter or skateboard, you will be gliding past them effortlessly and enjoying every moment. In fact, anyone who is yet to lay his hands on a single-wheeled scooter is seen to live in the past. Forget about the bulky scooter that needs some parking space. Also, you don’t have to sweat and use too much effort skateboarding in the streets.

Sometime back, the Segway was the in thing. Everyone including celebrities, famous sportsmen, and the ordinary Joe wanted this piece of toy. The two-wheeled scooter/skateboard was without a doubt the coolest thing around. In fact, so popular was it that several movies incorporated it in some scenes. Remember “Mall Cop” -The bulky cop riding on it to impress his daughter and workmates? Of course we can’t forget his antics that eventually saw him flipping over and creating quite a scene. Now we aren’t talking about two wheels but rather one wheel. Picture you arriving in school on it or trying some stunts at the local playground, Mmmmh not a bad imagination at all. Isn’t it time you got a one wheel scooter/unicycles?


But with so many unicycles in the market, which is the most suitable? Maybe you want to be sure it can support your heavy weight, I mean the thought of you falling face first in front of people can be quite embarrassing. Can you picture being passed by a kid riding a small electric scooter in the streets while yours is struggling to catch up? Or struggling to keep balance while at the same time wanting to look cool and trendy? Such are some issues that plaque many people looking for the right device. You also don’t want your electric board to run out of charge too fast requiring you to constantly recharge it, do you? Well, the following are some top one-wheeled scooters that are worth a thought.

1. F-Wheel Dolphin One
When it comes to unicycles, F-wheel is without-a-doubt one of the leading brands. It’s known for its uniqueness, innovativeness, and producing high-end products. The manufacturer is currently offering the Dolphin One cycle that is available in two variants- the Di and D2. Both scooters are ridden while facing the front, weigh 20 kgs and can operate on inclines of up to 22degrees. The D1 has a lower capacity and achieves a maximum speed of 18kmh while the D2 has a top speed of 20km/h. This is quite fast for a scooter. The D1 has a maximum range of 20km and takes 60minutes to charge while the D2’s range is 35km and requires 120 minutes for the battery fully charge. Both scooters have a maximum carrying capacity of 130 kilograms, you therefore shouldn’t worry about the scooter failing to move or coming apart because of your above-average weight.


The F-Wheel Dolphin one unicycle comes with a range of features that makes riding enjoyable as well as cool. You will love the hidden and retractable handlebars that easily come out when needed. When storing simply push the handles back inside the scooter. The one wheel scooter comes with a large LED lamp that illuminates your path at night and unique personalized ring light. You don’t have to worry about fatigue or excess sweating thanks to its ergonomic design. The cow leather covering protects your scooter against scratches, bumps, as well as the elements. You can also charge your phone, smartphone, android device, iPhone and other devices on the go courtesy of the multifunction USB feature. The digital display function also alerts you on the remaining battery charge.

2. The One Wheel Hoverboard
Ever watched the movie ““Back to the future I and II”, where people in future were floating on skateboards that didn’t touch the ground? Envision yourself doing just that! The one wheel hoverboard from F-wheels gives you the chance to enjoy a similar experience. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the futuristic one-wheeled board is driven just like a normal board where a user stands on it sideways. It can support people weighing as much as 120kilograms and will climb inclines as steep as 35degrees. You shouldn’t worry about flipping back especially when going up steep gradients. Powered by a 500 watt motor, the one wheel scooter attains a top speed of 25km/h and has a range of between 16 and 19 km per charge.

The one wheel hoverboard features appealing LED lighting that illuminates as well as alerts you on the remaining charge. Courtesy of the onboard power protection, the LED light will flash and you will receive a voice alert when the charge drops to less than 20%. It takes approximately one hour (60 minutes) to fully charge the 60volt, 2.9 AH lithium-ion battery. Charging can be done from an 110v or 220v power outlet. If you are worried about carrying excess weight then you will find the LED indicator quite helpful. It also alerts you on the available power.


Floating on a board shouldn’t look like a distant dream. You don’t have to worry about your safety or balance when riding a hoverboard. Also, you shouldn’t be left behind when it comes to enjoying utmost fun. What you need is a strong, durable, and stylish unicycle that is fully-functional, fun, and comes with a range of features. Look cool and trendy by acquiring a one-wheeled scooter or unicycle.If you are searching for a dependable, user-friendly, fun, and trendy unicycle, you will find F-Wheel one wheel scooter ideal.


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