3 tips to maintain your DYU e-bike in summer

3 tips to maintain your DYU e-bike in summer

It takes great courage to leave the watermelon and air conditioner in room to go outside in this season. Fortunately, there is our beloved “little e-bike”, which makes you feel a little coolness during summer travel. In order to make our travel better, maintaining electric bike in summer is essential.

1. Choose a suitable parking environment

In summer, the weather is unpredictable, with rain or shine, and parking at will will expose electric bikes to the sun or rain. The main parts of electric bike are plastic and metal. Exposure to the sun will accelerate the aging of the plastic parts, and rain will make the iron metal rust. Therefore, it is best to store the electric bike in a garage or a cool and ventilated place to avoid humidity and high temperature.

3 tips to maintain your DYU e-bike in summer

2. Avoid sudden braking

Under normal circumstances, the brakes of electric bikes can be used for 1-2 years. High-speed emergency braking not only wastes electricity, but also increases the risk of rear-end collision, and will increase brake pad wear. Friends who want to ride an electric bike in summer must avoid sudden braking, and inflate the tires sufficiently. Do light braking and slow braking, so as to protect the e-bike for longer riding.
3 tips to maintain your DYU e-bike in summer

3. Take care of battery maintenance

How to maintain the battery, must be the most concerned issue for riders. Please remember the following three points to protect the battery in hot weather:

a. Avoid exposure to electric vehicles

In the sweltering summer, people will suffer heatstroke if they are exposed to the sun for a long time. If the electric bike is directly exposed to the sun, it will also increase the risk of battery scrap, so we must avoid high temperature exposure.

b. Do not charge at high temperature

Hot weather coupled with the heat generated during charging, the combination of the two conditions will cause the temperature of the battery surface to rise rapidly, and the protective shell on the surface of the battery will be hot. Therefore, charging should be carried out in a cool and dark place.

c. Do not charge immediately after driving

If the electric bike is charged immediately after driving under high temperature, it is easy to aggravate the temperature rise of the circuit, the motor heats up, and even cause the battery to crack or deform in severe cases, causing circuit failure. You must wait for the battery to cool before charging.
3 tips to maintain your DYU e-bike in summer


Keep above 3 tips in mind to maintain your DYU e-bike for a safer & happy journey in summer.

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