How to maintain my F-wheel electric unicycle to keep it in the best state?

1.Three month free quality insurance.

All the customers enjoy a long term maintenance that all the problems including quick break downs within three months and at the same time the problem should be repaired by our after sales department engineer.

How to maintain my F-wheel electric unicycle to keep it in the best state?

2.One year product quality guaranteed.

Customers who buy it whenever meet the problem during the service life of the electric unicycle are free to consult our engineers and immediate solution be given to our customers. Therefore, customer have no worry about the electric unicycle learning problems or after sales problems.

3.Learn about the using tips about the electric unicycle.

Customers will receive regularly e-mails or recent trend about the electric unicycle using tips or one wheel scooter maintenance skills.

4.Take good care of your electric unicycle yourself.

Good care to the electric unicycle like keeping your wheel away from deep water, checking the wheel regularly and reading our using tips on this F-wheel electric unicycle official site will be of great help and make you the chance to play with your wheel for a long time and have a lot of fun. What’s more? Do not drop the electric unicycle into ground from over 1 meter high places, because your electric unicycle will feel hurt and refuse to work again.

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