Master the Self Balancing Vehicle Needs These Tips

Master the flywheel will balance electric car easily learning tips

Step one, plug, familiar with electric unicycle
1, one hand hold side handle, the F – wheel powered unicycle upright on the ground, and expand the two pedals;
2, short press power key to open the F – power wheel electric unicycle, at this time the power light is lit up in red ten lattice;

3, Suggestions along the wheel back several times before and after the direction of the pull handle, feel the strength of the wheel deceleration, at the same time you’ll find that F – wheel unicycle, the fall of the front and back is not just about control the balance.


Step 2, feel powered unicycle under the control of the body center of gravity forward, backward, braking and turning operations.
1, installation, training wheels on the pedal, install the training wheels should be turned off F – wheel powered unicycle power switch.After installation training wheels, standing in the F – wheel on a unicycle, around the body will not over,
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electric one wheel

one wheel scooter
self balancing scooter

2, short press power key, open the F – wheel powered unicycle power switch, keep body erect on the ground.
3, two feet on the pedals, keep the body upright, don’t bend the knee, eyes look forward, don’t look at the foot of the car, try the body center of gravity forward slowly (amplitude not big and the car moves with the center of gravity forward forward, also try to body weight back (margin not big unicycle, brake, etc., practice many times, fully experience the body center of gravity control of the car body, find the feeling of the car unity.

Step three, single slide foot pedal exercises
1, the demolition training wheels, wheels is mainly to help us find the feeling of the body center of gravity control body, want to undertake the following steps, suggested removing training wheels.
2, will be a idiomatic feet to the corresponding pedal, attention should stand at the center of the foot pedal, convenient to transfer the whole body center of gravity to the feet.
3, the focus gradually shifted to the F – the foot wheel electric unicycle, requirements in the process of the calf, foot and unicycle can form a stable triangle support, namely the foot stomping on waste pedals, unicycle is not because of leg close to turn to, otherwise it will be hard to put the center of gravity along the unicycle.Best can shifting towards a unicycle on the foot, the other foot off the ground can keep 1-2 seconds before the next step two feet cycling.
4, centre of gravity is successfully transferred to the F – wheel powered unicycle’s foot, the foot on the ground gently push to the back, the F – wheel powered unicycle will walk forward, don’t speed too fast, like a beginner bike, standing on one foot forward sliding slowly, and at the same time the body upright balance.

self balancing unicycle

Step four, two feet of cycling

1, when standing on one foot glide firmer when trying to light the feet on the ground on the other foot pedal, at the same time, the body must stay standing balance, eyes look forward, don’t look at the foot of the unicycle, as far as you can ride a bike.2, this step requires special attention to the speed not too fast, through the center of gravity forward back to control the speed of the car.
3, when the two feet cycling feel unstable, can quickly jumped off a unicycle, don’t touch the unicycle, electric unicycle itself has turn to protection function, when the body turns to 45 °, will stop running on its own, intelligent protection.If you love cars, but at the same time of jumped off the wheelbarrow, hand quickly seize the unicycle handle, in order to avoid body turn to crash, or use pulls unicycle assisted learning, so as not to crash.
4, to be in this position, has been basically normal driving electric unicycle.In this step two key points to note: maintain a certain speed, to control the speed by leaning back.Suggestions in the process of riding continue to accumulate experience and practice, after more confident can keep riding long distances to the next step.

Step 5, turn
1, about the turn: recommend beginners in mastering straight after the ride began to practice.
2 turn, there are two ways: one is to turn by the method of rotating body;The second is by adjusting the feet trample efforts to adjust the body tilt to turn around, through the use of electric unicycle testing for many times, suggest beginners turn by the second method.
3, through constant practice, you will certainly achieve the expected effect of turning.
Here, I sincerely congratulations, you have successfully learned to drive electric unicycle, can enjoy the pleasure of driving unicycle brings to you!While you enjoy the fun to drive, has the following points, I hope you can note: 1, when you will start to use electric wheelbarrow, for the first time, please try to wear comfortable leisure or sports clothing, and wear flat shoes, forbidden to wear open-toed shoes!Will F – wheel powered unicycle to carry to the empty place, and to ensure that the ground flat has no obvious obstruction.
2, age under 18 years of age or older than 45 beginners when use need someone to help her learn.
3, before use, please confirm that the power is enough, the tyre is normal.
4, please do not try to before being familiar with driving faster speeds.
5, be sure to keep in mind, snap acceleration or deceleration prohibited!
6, when scholars first products can be set when using the electric unicycle assisted learning as an important tool.Assisted learning belt can help beginners in use to avoid because of operating unfamiliar, caused by the unicycle is out of control.
7, you can find a wall or fence and so on to help balance, if these all have no, also can look for a friend standing on the side.In the outside world, to site unicycle, use lean forward to make electric unicycle moves forward slowly, gradually familiar with the feeling of riding, gradually reduce the dependence on aid until no AIDS.

8, I wish you a speedy learn flywheel will powered unicycle

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