Members of Academy of Sciences Came to Visit the F-wheel Electric One Wheel Research Base

Members of Academy of Sciences Came to Visit the F-wheel Electric One Wheel Research Base

Members of Chinese Academy of Sciences to Visit the F-wheel Electric Unicycle Research Base


Afternoon on April 28th, academician of Chinese academy of sciences Chun-hua Yan came to f-wheel, scientific research base for guiding visit he got the detailed in formation about f-wheel and believed f-wheel will have achievements in the latest research progress on the project, and give some guidance on the research and development of science and technology.

The f-wheel will

Diagram for chun-hua yan academicians, right for f-wheel will number of invention patent holders and the general manager li wei

Chun-hua Yan, member of Chinese academy of sciences, the ministry of education “cheung kong scholars” distinguished professor, Beijing university, director of the national key laboratory of rare earth materials chemistry and applications, doctoral tutor. In November 2013 became the executive vice President of vice dean, graduate school of Peking University. His main achievements are:  the writer of “rare earth” and other academic monographs, who has published over 250 papers, 11 national patents, research results twice been China encyclopedia yearbook of income; He won national scientific and technological progress second prize, third prize of national natural science, the Hong Kong realistic foundation of science and technology awarded the “outstanding young scholar award”, the state council, the state education commission awarded the “Chinese PhD graduates have made outstanding contributions” title of honor.

F-wheel after years of development, has established a set of scientific, perfect research and development system, has a highly educated, senior industry research and development team, guarantees the reliability of the new product development, scientific, practical, and bring a better product experience for the user.

Company profile

F-wheel will industry will continue to intensify the products of science and technology innovation, although has been a series of achievements on the innovation of science and technology development, but the flywheel will team will continue to hit high, they are for the better product innovation, more top the patent on the invention of unremitting struggle.
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