Netherlands Customers Visit F-wheel / New Gift for Kids -DYU Electric Bike

It’s a special week for children because Children’s Day has just come, and it’s a special week for F-wheel DYU because F-wheel’s Dutch customer comes to visit F-wheel with his family. It’s a great honor having F-wheel’s Netherlands customer family as the guest in the office in Shenzhen, China.  They are all nice, friendly beautiful people, especially the little friend is extremely cute who is loved by all the staff in F-wheel.


Riding on the electric bike with child

Comfortable riding experience


Having the test ride with the young one.


It’s absolutely a good day to meet the Dutch friends here just like having great visitors from Germany, Italy, Spain, Korea and Japan and so on before. F-wheel factory and office always welcome visitors from all over the world.

Another piece of good news, the DYU bike now has an optional kids seat for youngsters between 3 year old to 12 year old. Beautiful mothers won’t miss this stylish bike to hang out with her beloved baby. This is also a good gift for kids from elder sisters.

dyu electric bike cartoon

DYU Smart Electric Bike D1