DYU Electric Bike in Netherlands – Photos Shared by F-wheel Agent in Holland

An agent of DYU & F-wheel in Netherland shared a few photos with us and we think it’s beautiful and brilliant. So we’ll share with other friends from DYU & F-wheel. Here come the photos.


The DYU Smart Bike D2 at the railway station.


Easy to lift up by the single hand.

Customizing DYU electric bike.

Product introduction:

DYU electric bike D1

This ebike is stylish, lightweight and with very small size. It satisfies people’s need for aesthetics while it can also be taken to the subway station, the trunk and meet the everyday commuting needs at the same time.

DYU electric bike D2

DYU electric bike D2 is the masterpiece of F-wheel. As the upgraded version, it not only inherits the stylish appearance & folding design, but also applied the world first high technology.

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