New Design Electric Unicycle, Dolphin D5,the Best User Experience Model

New Design Electric Unicycle, Dolphin D5,the Best User Experience Model
Popularize the King of Electric Unicycle, Dolphin D5
You can find someone riding electric one wheel scooter through the street now. But I think its a big burden to most people for its high price. However, according to its fun and convenience, it has been welcomedand accepted  by more and more people. There are many brands already manufactures this, which makes it really hard to choose. What’s more, people don’t know how to pick out one that fits them best. At this time, you should choose the Dolphin D5 which consists all kinds of merits of electric unicycle and ensure you gain the best user experience.


This wheel utilize high quality cow leather and EVA soft cotton therefore it’s easier to ride and brake it. It can protect your ankles and shanks well.fwheel_20150406151220052

Unique ringlight personalized
Unique ring light, let it looks more beautiful, can light for a long time or flash etc.The large headlight make you safe when you ride it at night. It can be controlled by mechanical-type switch or by cell phone’s APP.
Led large head light design
The large headlight make you safe when you ride it at night.liliandianraogudian_1liliandianraogudian_2Simple design for city

Many electric unicycle do not has good appearance because of its battery. When dolphin unicycle makes it excellent in this. It gives the impression of the modern city transportation with smooth surface and cleaness, for example the white color. To total it up, it is round gadget with beatiful curve. It is equiped with hand bar inside at the top.

What’s the most impressive performance?

When it comes to the portable part, it maybe kind of upset. The max weight of this wheel is over 10kg, which makes it kind of hard to put it in pocket. However, the good thing is, the handle bar solves all the problems. The handle bar inside makes it very easy to carry to anywhere.

jialenglaoTo satisfy the eyes and ears of people, D5 has LED light and blue-tooth speaker inside. It makes you very cool at night flashing around with the music of Justin Biber or Taylor Swift played by your cellphone.

guipanfuUnique digital display function of electricity quantity. Electricity quantity is display in digital hat is more intuitive, clearer. Meanwhile, it can be displayed on cell phone by APP.

Multi function, All be controlled. Double USB charger for cell phone (Android phone, iphone) function design

mianli_2Unique kickstand. Most unicycles are placed on the ground or lean on the wall, and it causes great trouble. But now you can place your unicycle anytime and anywhere since F-wheel dolphin series is created.

nuejiaopaidian_1All the accessories

beijiqianMy riding picture


Installed Standing picture

nuejiaopaidian_1The shame of this wheel

Unfortunately, the weight of this unicycle is as heavy as a small bike. However, it doesn’t matter because it can be push easily with little strength. It is very common among 16 inch wheels.

The specifications (Not accurate)

qqjietu20151109172918This electric unicycle is best selling in Korea market this year and welcomed by millions of people. We have to kindly remind that this product is corrosive and protecting it from water would be a wise action. Dolphin one is a all in one product which is highly recommended.

The finaly score of this one wheel scooter is 86 according to Korean mass customers.

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Dolphin D5


According to the resellers, this is the most popular electric unicycle product in Korea this year. And welcome to leave a message for more information about resell,wholesale and any question.

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