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It has been a very busy and exhausting week. The factory department is at all speed on producing products for bulk orders and the marketing and sales department is on heavy duty welcoming visitors from all over the world. “One by one and one dozen by one dozen,  I don’t even have a minute for a coffee,” Says Eve, the sales girl in F-wheel.

The New German Customer Visits F-wheel

germany Vin Diesel

F-wheel DYU bike gets popular in Germany and attracts many fans and agents come to F-wheel for a visit. Now the F-wheel company almost becomes a tourist attraction. When someone wishes to see one of the most advanced production line and manufacturing power of China, come to F-wheel; when some wishes to find the high-tech top smart travel tools, just come to F-wheel. Other companies in China may disappoint you, F-wheel won’t. When people in advanced countries in high tech field recognize the merits of F-wheel, there would be less reason to miss it. According to the visit, F-wheel’s new German friend is happy with F-wheel.

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germany germany customer Vin Diesel

Half a month ago, a group of people from Aisin Seiki Group, a Japanese company in world top 500 companies list, visit F-wheel and take a close look to F-wheel’s latest products.  F-wheel’s high tech smart travel products impress them much and they come back the second time for a visit to F-wheel production line and a close collaboration with F-wheel. These Japanese friends speak highly of F-wheel’s advanced technology in the smart travel tool field.

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F-wheel’s long, advanced and professional production line amaze its Japanese friends a lot. The quality of the production line and products peers most enterprises in Japan.

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Compared to other plain and doll companies in the smart travel field, F-wheel has peerless charm and magic.  Hiring the top industrial designers in Germany and Japan in the ebike, owning its own world top production line, F-wheel makes big news again and again.

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