Electric bike skyrocketes in USA during the epidemic

Thinking of buying a bike? Get ready for a very long wait

According to media reports, with the unblocking of all parts of the United States, cycling and electric vehicles have become the first choice for people to travel compared to public transportation and subway. As a result, sales of bicycles and electric bicycles have skyrocketed. Some stores have sold out inventory. Low-end models under $ 1,000 […]

F-wheel A5 electric bike to realize infinite mileage – the best folding electric bicycle

F-wheel A1 electric bike to realze infinite mileage

F-wheel A5 Electric Bike is a new design foldable commuter e-bike in 2020. It features the removable battery, which frees you from the worry of mileage. As everyone knows, charging the battery of electric bike needs some time. However, with F-wheel A5, you’re able to remove the used battery then put on a new fully […]

Discover the DYU Smart Bike S1 in the state of the art


DYU smart bike S1 went popular before being sold on market for its beautiful look. Is DYU smart bike S1 only beautiful? Today we summarized all the highlights of DYU smart bike S1 and following are the details: Streamlined Design, Stylish and Beautiful In the State of the Art Mini & Portable Size, Lightweight (15kg […]

DYU Smart Bike V1 new photos in 2020 | Tips against new coronavirus

DYU Smart Electric Bike V1

DYU V1 smart electric bike is a good choice as a personal transportation tool for commuters between work and home during the COVID 19 pandemic. It’s a new design with the latest fashion and ergonomic conception in 2020. Following are our latest pictures of the stylish DYU smart bike V1:   Welcome to learn more […]

For safer travel during COVID-19, ride DYU S1 ebike

DYU Smart Electric Bike S1

As the global pandemic of COVID-19 quickly spreads, the entire team at DYU wishes you and those close to you safety and good health. To prevent the contagious coronavirus, remember to keep a certain distance to each other, wash hands frequently, sleep well & wear a mask when going outside. Moreover, folks are also suggested […]

DYU & F-wheel are back to work in 2020

DYU Smart Electric Bike V1

Greetings, DYU fans! DYU & F-wheel company staff are back to work now after the Chinese New Year holiday and getting the resume work approval from the government through comprehensive epidemic prevention preparation. At the beginning of 2020. we have DYU Smart Bike D3+ & DYU Smart Bike V1 in stock and soon most other […]

The 3rd anniversary celebration of the DYU brand was successfully held

3rd anniversary celebration of the DYU brand

Time flies when rain and wind are the same. The world is changing, and DYU is growing fast in adversity! DYU brand has gone through three years of ups and downs with a healthy posture, three years of unity and morality, and three years of development. On January 6, 2020, on this milestone day, the […]

Chinese New Year Holiday Notice 2020 – F-Wheel DYU

Chinese New Year Holiday Notice - F-Wheel DYU

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind support all this year. Please kindly be advised that our factory will be closed from 16th Jan. to 10th Feb., for our Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). During this period, any orders will be accepted but will not be processed until 10th […]

How to gain a longer mileage with your DYU smart electric bike in winter?

dyu smart bike

In winter, it gets cold. Most friends who ride electric bikes have this problem: The bike doesn’t run far. We all know that running far is determined by battery capacity. Due to the low temperature in winter, E-bike mileage will be discounted, And battery capacity will decrease. As a result, the e-bike mileage also decreases […]

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying Electric Scooter

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying Electric Scooter

Variety of electric scooters has flooded the market over time. Some offer durability while others tend to guarantee a top-class quality ride. Budget is another factor that electric scooters tend to touch. However, these are not all the factors to choose the best electric scooter. When deciding to get an ideal electric scooter, there is […]

DYU new factory in Europe realizes large-scale production

dyu smart bike made in europe, factory

At the end of November 2019, the first production base of DYU smart bike in Europe realized large-scale mass production in Poland, marking that DYU will deeply radiate its products to the whole European market from Poland faster and more conveniently by making full play of its unique geographical advantages. Therefore, the European customer’s purchasing […]

DYU smart bike V1 with most comfortable seat, double suspension and best alarm system

DYU Smart Electric Bike V1

What’s new in DYU smart bike V1 compared to other ebike/escooter series of DYU?   First, DYU smart bike V1 comes with the most comfortable seat in the world. The seat is smooth, round and soft without any shape edges compared to the traditional e scooter seat. Besides, the surface of the seat is larger […]