Safety tips of DYU mini ebike series

Safety tips of DYU mini ebike series

As an increasingly common means of transportation in recent years, electric bicycles especially DYU mini ebike series are found everywhere in the streets. In our daily use of electric bikes, we often ignore common sense of fire safety. Today DYU will talk with you about fire safety issues in the process of using electric bikes. […]

Foldable & portable electric bike DYU S2 for the last mile travel

Foldable & portable electric bike DYU S2 for the last mile travel

Whether at work or in daily life, I am often troubled by the last mile. Although I already have a big electric car at home, it still feels inconvenient. So, I spent some time studying the small electric bike🛵 Finally, I feel that DYU S2 is relatively good, starting with a 10AH Extreme Edition with […]

DYU Egret electric bike at a glance: A powerful bicycle

DYU Egret E-bike

DYU Egret electric bike is a new model among DYU series, it’s also named DYU L1 smart bike. DYU Egret is not only improved in appearance but also greatly enhanced in performance. Now let’s take a closer look at the new e-bike. The idea of DYU L1 e-bike originates from the wild creature, Egret. This […]

European electric bicycle sales will double by 2025

European electric bicycle sales will double by 2025

The epidemic has caused a huge impact on countries around the world. After the epidemic eases, countries are facing the problems of resuming work and factories and safe travel. Demands for personal light travel products such as bicycles, electric bicycles, and electric scooters are ushering in new huge growth. What is the status of the […]

3 reasons to choose DYU D2+ electric bike: Updated foldable bicycle

In the electric vehicle category, DYU has put great effort into the shape of the DYU D2+ electric bike. DYU D2+ is a fashion e-bike with updated performance and portable lightweight design based on DYU D2. No matter in riding experience or better appearance, this new e-bike has realized giant progress & leap. Why should […]

4 reasons to ride DYU electric bikes

dyu smart electric bike

DYU smart electric bike is lightweight, foldable and good-looking. Riding on it starts your pleasure of the day. Following are the reasons why will you ride an DYU bike.   1. Flexibility and freedom Car owners are most troubled by traffic jams, difficult parking, and fines for being posted. But riding an electric bike doesn’t […]

What’s new in DYU Egret Smart Bike?

DYU Egret Electric Bike is launched

DYU L1/ DYU Egret Electric Bike is a new generation e-bike with high performance, smart and comfortable riding experience, and fashion look.   Unprecedentedly, DYU L1 comes with an amazing mileage of 80km in pure electricity power mode, and 100km mileage in pedal assisting mode. This 50 miles mileage is in the range covers most […]

DYU Egret Electric Bike is launched today

DYU Egret Electric Bike is launched

Good news, DYU Egret Electric Bike is launched today It’s a fashion e-bike with a maximum 100KM mileage, shock absorption system & super comfortable seat. Your Best Travel Helper The DYU Egret Electric Bike with a car-grade lithium battery to travel a maximum distance of 100KM, has an elegant appearance, bionic egret bird design, with […]

Do you really need electric bikes?

electric bike lightweight portable

Short answer: Yes. Let’s be honest, today everyone wants convenience. Be it traveling, cooking food or washing clothes. “If it ain’t easy, it ain’t for me.” — Said everyone, everywhere Champions of electric bikes love the ease of use, extended range and better climbing efficiency as part of the reasons why they love riding an […]

How to maintain DYU electric bike in autumn?

dyu electric bike s2

In this early autumn season when high temperature and heavy rain switch at will, is your DYU electric bike okay? Then how to maintain DYU electric bike in hot and rainy autumn? The following 4 tips will make it easy. Tip 1 Avoid high-temperature exposure, pay attention to the parking environment, avoid high-temperature charging, long […]