F-wheel electric unicycle got the prize of the best vehicle journey partner

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The annual big car voting activity was hold by Dong Fang Jin Newspaper: the F-wheel self-balancing electric unicycle got the prize of the best vehicle journey partner in 2014. The parking lot is far from office, home in the modern city nowadays. If you do self-driving travel, and the parking lot is far from destination […]

Henan Province S&T Officers Visited F-wheel Electric Unicycle Scientific Research Base

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The group of 8 people including party secretary Huang Huang Buyi from Henna Provice Science and Technology Office and the division chief came to visit F-wheel scientific research base  in Zhengzhou University high tech park in the morning of April 3rd,2015. The chief manager and research personnel of Zhengzhou F-wheel Industrial Co,. Ltd. explained and […]

F-wheel Took Part in 2015 Canton Fair, Attracting Dozens of Overseas Merchants Having a Try

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China Import and Export Fair, namely Canton Fair, is held on April 15th to 19th , 2015. And F-wheel took part in this fair with its outstanding products, catching the eyes of global merchants. Onlookers strive to be the first to try the electric unicycles and finally reach a preliminary cooperative agreement with F-wheel. Brand […]

F-wheel electric unicycle got the prize of the best responsibility brand

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In 2014, the committee of China Charity Festival( the fourth session) informed , according to the spirit of bravely take responsibility and contribute to society, the activity “helping students’ dreams come true, providing the warm clothes” of Zhengzhou F-wheel Industrial Co., LTD that let it got” the prize  ”the best responsibility brand  in 2014”. The China Charity […]

League of Justice Bao Riding on Electric Unicycles Appeared in 2015 Zhengkai Marathon

Zhengkai International Marathon came to a close on March 29th,2015. Those robust athletes running on the track have impressed us very much, as well as the people cheering for the Marathon,who were as beautiful as a gorgeous sight. Those marothon competitors rushed forward at their own pace after the ring out of the gunshot. At […]

Dolphin One Series Product Launch

On 28th September 2014, the F-wheel held a ceremonious and wonderful Dolphin one series product launch in JW Marriott hotel of international convention and exhibition, Zhengzhou City, China. The CEO of F-wheel(Mr Li)introduced Dolphin One Series and other four new series products.The most attractive point was that the newest and the core of FL5.0 application […]

RTL Broadcast: F-wheel Electric Unicycle Has Now Become the Latest Fashion Trend in France

Dolphin One Series Product Launch

A new kind of product has now become the lead of latest fashion trend in the romantic and vogue city Paris in France. And this product is F-wheel electric unicycle. Germany TV RTL interviewed and reported F-wheel dolphin product series product and said that dolphin product series will become the future fashion trend in France. […]

F-wheel CEO Talked with the Minister of National Science & Technology Department

Dolphin One Series Product Launch

(Reported by Sina,Netease,Leifeng Net and Zhongguan Village Online and so on including 50 large social medias in China)The leader and repsent of electric unicycle industry F-wheel CEO Liwei reported the development condition and future prospect of the electric unicycle industry to Xiefuzhan, the Henan provincial governor and Cao Jianlin, the minister of national science and […]

Members of Academy of Sciences Came to Visit the F-wheel Electric One Wheel Research Base

Members of Academy of Sciences Came to Visit the F-wheel Electric One Wheel Research Base

Members of Chinese Academy of Sciences to Visit the F-wheel Electric Unicycle Research Base Afternoon on April 28th, academician of Chinese academy of sciences Chun-hua Yan came to f-wheel, scientific research base for guiding visit he got the detailed in formation about f-wheel and believed f-wheel will have achievements in the latest research progress on […]

F-wheel Formally Entered the World of Famous Watch Origin Country Switzerland

F-wheel Formally Entered the World of Famous Watch Origin Country Switzerland

Swiss national general agency signed with F-wheel F-wheel will officially start to set his foot on Switzerland in Europe, Mr. Michael signs a cooperation agreement with F-wheel to be the Swiss national product agent. Since then Swiss friends become able to enjoy the green intelligent convenient travel tool. F-wheel now has added a base again […]

Electric Unicycle Singapore will be Another Landmark of F-wheel Company

Good news, F-wheel company is going to find some Singapore electric unicycle resellers or agents or one exclusive selling represent now with the best low price now. After signing with a dozen of European and American resellers, F-wheell decide to take its excellent products to Singapore to satisfy all the singapore unicycle enthusiasts. Meanwhile, great […]

Convenient Travel with F-wheel Dolphin Electric Monocycle


Abstract: Since the birth of the F wheel self balancing vehicle, a new kind of travel means have been invented to satisfy the mass customers. However, F-wheel has not stopped satisfied by now with its classic products. The following Splendid Version and Simplified Version Rabbit has come out to meet the customers. As the leader […]