Is Self Balancing Scooter Illegal? China Government Says No!

It proves that China government stands on the supporting side of the self balancing scooter. Self balancing scooters including electric unicycle, mini two wheel scooter and one wheel scooter become incredibly prevalent all over the world recently. Under this huge background, some investors and merchants who are very eager to make money with this new […]

Youth Daily Interview-the Original Self Balancing Vehicle is Hot Selling Globally

Youth Daily Interviewed the CEO of F-wheel company, Liwei, whose is the CEO of F-wheel company. The original self balancing vehicle is hot selling globally and Liwei becomes famous in China. In this field, China has become the main export of the self balancing boards. This merit owes to the hard working of many people […]

Customer Review: F-wheel Hoverboard, the Best Gift to Your Friend or Yourself

If the skateboard and Segway had a strange, high-tech love child, it would be the F-wheel hoverboard. It’s as weird and wonderful as it sounds. This small compact design is portable and perfect for indoors or on any smooth surface. When I ride my self-balance board around EVERYONE asks me two questions. What is that, […]

F-wheel Company Rendezvous in Shenzhen for Team Traning

Last week F-wheel company staffs including its bosses gathered in Shenzhen for team training.  By now, F-wheel products including electric unicycle, classic product best self balancing boards and segway hoverboards have been sold out over 10,000 in this year. At this historical moment, F-wheel take this chance to have a rest for three days while improving its team work, product […]

Self Balancing Boards/Scooter Trends in December

Opinions on self-balancing scooter riders on campus Student riding on hoverboard. Photo by Nolan Bollier Jennifer Walter, Science & Technology Reporter November 30th, 2015 Marquette students are taking a cue?from Tupac Shakur’s “Picture Me Rolling” ?as they cruise around campus on their self-balancing scooters. It isn’t uncommon to walk to class and share the sidewalk […]

iCarbot: CCTV News Broadcast Special Report, F-wheel New Design Balancing Vehicle Product Launch

CCTV News Broadcast Special Report: F-wheel New Design Balancing Vehicle Product Launch Summary: In the recent years, innovation and doing poineering work in the economical field is blooming at the basis of political support from the government and the consensus. F-wheel is a science oriental innovation company under this background which has been reported by […]

iCarbot is Not Only Fashion Now

walkcar price

Abstract: With the rapid development of intelligent travel products and fashionable, present a variety of travel products on the market is gaining more and more similar characteristics. What kind of balance wheel is liked by most people and they are needed most? F-wheel little cloud car, aka icarbot. I will do more comfortable riding experience […]

The Story Behind the iCarbot, the Future Intelligent Travel Tool. You’ll Like It

F-WHEEL Industrial Company, which is a Sino-German joint venture corporation founded in 2012 in Germany. It is a high-tech company that operates on high tech portable travel tool product manufacturing, researching and development, as well as sales and marketing activities. F-WHEEL is on a mission to realize intelligent green travel industry and boost the improvement of human transportation situation. […]

Intelligent Mini Car Robot iCarbot Appear in 2016 CES

Word Most Well-known science and technology feast- International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) started in Las Vegas, attracting over 4000 exhibitors from over 150 countries and districts. In this CES, a new kind of product received great attention from millions of visitors besides the intelligent car, virtual reality, drones and other high tech products. This product […]

Ten Reasons to Own an One Wheel Hoverboard

One Wheel Hoverboard is one of the hands free electronic movables that is not only fun to ride but also gives you an amazing mobility experience. Anyone can drive it without experiencing any difficulties. With the huge market demand for this gadget, you should not miss out owning the one wheel scooter or hoverboard. Below […]

Buy Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle Hoverboard from F-wheel Company at only $300

F-wheel is a company selling an excellent Electric Unicycle Hoverboards for those buyers who need quality during their purchase from the market. Since the company started selling Electric Unicycle Hoverboard, they have made huge number of sales especially when looking for good deals in the market. Here is a review of Electric Unicycle Hoverboard that […]