iCarbot is Not Only Fashion Now

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Abstract: With the rapid development of intelligent travel products and fashionable, present a variety of travel products on the market is gaining more and more similar characteristics. What kind of balance wheel is liked by most people and they are needed most? F-wheel little cloud car, aka icarbot. I will do more comfortable riding experience […]

The Story Behind the iCarbot, the Future Intelligent Travel Tool. You’ll Like It

F-WHEEL Industrial Company, which is a Sino-German joint venture corporation founded in 2012 in Germany. It is a high-tech company that operates on high tech portable travel tool product manufacturing, researching and development, as well as sales and marketing activities. F-WHEEL is on a mission to realize intelligent green travel industry and boost the improvement of human transportation situation. […]

Intelligent Mini Car Robot iCarbot Appear in 2016 CES

Word Most Well-known science and technology feast- International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) started in Las Vegas, attracting over 4000 exhibitors from over 150 countries and districts. In this CES, a new kind of product received great attention from millions of visitors besides the intelligent car, virtual reality, drones and other high tech products. This product […]

Ten Reasons to Own an One Wheel Hoverboard

One Wheel Hoverboard is one of the hands free electronic movables that is not only fun to ride but also gives you an amazing mobility experience. Anyone can drive it without experiencing any difficulties. With the huge market demand for this gadget, you should not miss out owning the one wheel scooter or hoverboard. Below […]

Buy Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle Hoverboard from F-wheel Company at only $300

F-wheel is a company selling an excellent Electric Unicycle Hoverboards for those buyers who need quality during their purchase from the market. Since the company started selling Electric Unicycle Hoverboard, they have made huge number of sales especially when looking for good deals in the market. Here is a review of Electric Unicycle Hoverboard that […]

Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, One Wheel Hoverboard X1 or Hoverboard

On March 9th 2016, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton attended the 8th Democratic debate of the primary season in Miami. Although Bernie and Hillary both run for the same party – the Democrats, it is still necessary to compare them in order to determine who to vote for in the Presidential Election. So, what exactly […]

Boosted Boards, Your Best Leisure Time Company

Boosted boards become popular among young people. What is a boosted board? It is a innovative tool invented in 2015 that most people have never tried. Young people ride it to be trendy and fashionable and commute between home and school. What’s more, they can take it out to play with friends and have great fun. To […]

iCarbot: Four Wheeled Smart Car Project Has Raised 1 Million on Taobao Crowdfunding

iCarbot as the first China portable human body sensing car in the scooter industry, which is technology innovator. Through technical innovation, it further strengthens the product experience, and targets on the aimed users with accurate connection, effectively solves the customer pain points, expanding the scope of application. At this point, iCarbot has broad market space, […]

Cocoa Motors’ WalkCar VS F-wheel Company’s iCarbot

Some people said that walkcar is the same as icarbot when there is many differences between them. We are going to reveal it in this article with specific details. By the way, you’ll learn how the icarbot/walkcar works and fall in love with it. Cocoa Motors’ WalkCar On sale: No Patent: Yes Weight: Still not published to people because it’s […]

Brief Introcution of All the F-wheel Self Balancing Products in April 2016

We are going to show you all the products that are manuafactured by F-wheel company and tell you a little more information about the products. iCarbot, Four Wheel Scooter A four wheeled scooter weighs only 3 kg. You can stand on it and move freely just like hoverboards or self balancing scooter. Safer, steadier, lighter […]

My First Time Riding on iCarbot

I’m a technician in F-wheel company. And recently I’m testing the iCarbot, aka walkcar, four wheel scooter. As far as I’m concerned, this new gadget is really interesting and cool to ride. Riding backwards. Turning around. Turning around at night. Turning around at night. Dancing at night. Riding in line. Sitting on a box to […]