Why would anyone want an electric bike?


Well, electric bicycles offer the same great benefits as traditional bicycles including cost savings (no licensing or insurance required), improved health and connection with community. The real advantage to ebikes in my view is efficiency in climbing hills or fighting the wind combined with better range. If you experience knee pain or exercise induced asthma […]

2020 China Lightweight Ebike Research Group Visits DYU Company

2020 China Lightweight Ebike Research Group Enters DYU Company

Qidian Lithium Battery Big Data starts the 2020 China lightweight electric bike and shared battery exchange research and visit activities. On the morning of August 10th, Qidian research group walked into DYU company and exchanged ideas with the company’s CEO Leven Li and other relevant persons in charge on the company’s development and industry trends. […]

3 parts of DYU electric bike that need regular inspection

dyu electric bike

Electric bicycles like DYU have become one of our main daily transportation tools. In order to ensure travel safety, regular inspections are necessary. Which 3 parts of electric bikes do we need to inspect regularly? 1. Brake The importance of brakes is self-evident. Checking the brakes can be carried out in the following steps: pinch, […]

How to make more profits with electric bikes?

dyu smart bike

Since the beginning of this year, under the influence of the epidemic, sales of electric bike have not decreased but increased. However, behind the booming sales, more and more dealers is taking tremendous pressure and helplessness. What is the reason? Top brands seize the market and cut prices for promotion. The price war in the […]

3 tips to maintain your DYU e-bike in summer

3 tips to maintain your DYU e-bike in summer

It takes great courage to leave the watermelon and air conditioner in room to go outside in this season. Fortunately, there is our beloved “little e-bike”, which makes you feel a little coolness during summer travel. In order to make our travel better, maintaining electric bike in summer is essential. 1. Choose a suitable parking […]

DYU Smart Bike D3+ review – An ebike with anti-theft design

DYU Smart Bike D3+ review - An ebike with anti-theft design

Before buying a car, we complained about the inconvenience of going out on windy and rainy days, and after buying the car, we complained that going out was too congested. With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people can buy cars, but suddenly they find that the road has become a parking […]

DYU Smart Bike won the Industry Rising Star Award at Tmall Ebike Festival

DYU S2 in the showroom of Alibaba headquarters

Based on the big data analysis of Tmall’s professional technical backstage, consumer review and other comprehensive indicators, and massive big data as the basis, excellent electric bike brands are selected for on-site awards. The upstart in the field of smart travel, and the young and most energetic brand in the electric bike industry – DYU […]

DYU smart bike V1 review – Compact ebike with powerful performance

dyu smart electric bike v1 lightweight foldable

Seriously speaking, I am a girl with a fairly simple life. I go to work every day, buy groceries occasionally at night, and go shopping with friends on weekends. Although my life is boring, it’s pretty happy, but one thing recently caused me a headache—— The company has moved. Originally, there was a direct bus […]

DYU smart bike, an electric bike suitable for college students

DYU smart bike, an electric bike suitable for college students

College students are recommended to choose mid-to-high-end ebike models with high reliability and good performance, especially DYU Smart bike. 1. Safe DYU Smart bike is compact and easy to control. It uses front and rear double disc brakes, making it safer to ride. 2. Anti-theft There are huge numbers of bicycles and electric bikes in […]