F-wheel DYU D1 Became Focus in Tianjin North International Exhibition

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April 4th, 2017 – The 26th China Northern International Electric Bicycle Show was held in Tianjin, and  at the first public exhibition, DYU D1 was unveiled, attracting a group of businessmen who came to visit the exhibition. At show, F-wheel reached the agreement of cooperation with the businessmen who were interested. What is more, even […]

Wizard Shuttling in the City – DYU A1

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Many young people are doing business around the city but are not able to tolerate the congestion of motor vehicles when public transportation is still their best choice. In order to solve the “last mile” problem, a variety of electric scooters and self balance vehicle products got hot for a while. However, many major cities have introduced bans to them, […]

Dyu Bike Raised 1 Million on the First Day of Crowdfunding


The Dyu D1 smart mini electric bike raised the total amount of 1 million RMB on the first day of Taobao crowdfunding. This e bike named Dyu D1 belongs to the well-known F-wheel subsidiary brand Dyu. This new Dyu smart bike has stylish appearance and the function GPS locating, is lightweighted, safe and practical compared […]

2017 Latest 5 E Bikes with Cutting-edge Technology

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E bike develops with the technology. And now it becomes smaller and smaller, more and more fashionable. Compared to old model e bikes, new e bikes have many overwhelming advantages. In this article you’ll get informed of the latest e bikes that are going to be launched soon. Below, we listed 5 hotest e bikes in social media […]

10 Mind Numbing Facts About iCarbot

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Number 1: iCarbot is not a hoverboard. But it works like hoverboard or self balancing scooter. Easier to handle with. Lean to go. Controled by human body weight.   Here is the right place to get the hoverboard.   Number 2: iCarbot is lighter than Hoverboard. It weighs only 5.5 Kg . Compared to the […]

Top 10 Chinese E Bike Manufacturer List

Powerful.Highly efficient.Stable. Stable drive system Compatible with 135mm rear dropout Suitable for a 7-11 speed cassette

Previously we talked about where is the best place to import the e bike, then many readers write to ask if we can recommend a few outstanding e bike manufacturers in China. So in this article, we’ll list the best 10 e bike manufacturer in China to make it easier and faster to get more information about the factories. […]

Best E Bikes Comparision

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Number one:Dyu Smart Bike The most cost-effective electric bike is no wonder Dyu bike. Dyu suggests terrific as well as huge fish in Chinese and fish suggests liberty and wealth in China. Riding on Dyu symbolizing a relaxing, rich and trendy life. The very best folding electrical bike for you just. You’ll be amazed to […]

F-wheel Dyu Smart Folding & Portable E bike with the King’s Riding Experience

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This magic F-wheel Dyu Smart Folding & Portable E bike is going to give your the King’s Riding Experience. King and queen are always noble and elegant and better than other people in our imagination. What makes Dyu different and noble from traditional bikes is because it’s easier to ride Dyu and it is featured by three ride modes […]

11-month-old Hoverboard Baby in Utah Become Famous


It’s surprising but a Utah 11-month-old rises to viral popularity as ‘The Hoverboard Child’ A Utah baby is going viral after displaying an uncommon feat for an 11-month-old– riding his moms and dads’ hoverboard. Caden Neumeyer of Salt Lake City stars in a collection of video clips published to YouTube by his moms and dads, […]

City Travel tools | Dyu A1 Folding Electric Bike Beijing User Experience Review

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This article is a real user reivew: Dyu A1 is designed for urban youngsters as smart motorcycle, with beautiful youth fashion appearance. This year, bike sharing is definitely a hot topic, just as the year to drop, fast car, led by the car, the competition is fierce. Whether you are on campus or in the street, you can see […]

Getting to Understand F-wheel New Dolphin D5S Electric Unicycle in 2 Minutes


Seeing the dolphins, whether it will make everyone think of the sea, freedom, friendliness, wisdom and spirituality? Dolphins have the wisdom and spirituality of mankind, At the same time they have a pleasing appearance, it is a masterpiece of nature. We now introduce new products of F wheel, the design  and concept of dolphins D5S […]