City Travel tools | Dyu A1 Folding Electric Bike Beijing User Experience Review

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This article is a real user reivew: Dyu A1 is designed for urban youngsters as smart motorcycle, with beautiful youth fashion appearance. This year, bike sharing is definitely a hot topic, just as the year to drop, fast car, led by the car, the competition is fierce. Whether you are on campus or in the street, you can see […]

Getting to Understand F-wheel New Dolphin D5S Electric Unicycle in 2 Minutes


Seeing the dolphins, whether it will make everyone think of the sea, freedom, friendliness, wisdom and spirituality? Dolphins have the wisdom and spirituality of mankind, At the same time they have a pleasing appearance, it is a masterpiece of nature. We now introduce new products of F wheel, the design  and concept of dolphins D5S […]

F wheel & Cheongsam Conference Bring High Class People New Commuting Method


On January 15, 2017 , Cheongsam Cuture Conference and its sponsor, F-wheel co-organized the second Chinese cheongsam culture ceremony in Zhengzhou Jianguo Hotel. In this event, F-wheel and the cheongsam community will reach the industrial chain alliance, joining the cheongsam global city branch of the product supply chain for middle-class and above families providing short-distance travel solutions. F […]

iCarbot Won the Hong Kong Best Design Award and Outdoor & Sporting Item Award

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On January 4, 2017,   Hong Kong Trade Development Council Conference Press announced that F-wheel’s iCarbot won the 2017 Hong Kong Design Award and the best Hong Kong outdoor sports item award. This two Honor is for the efforts of the F-wheel product design team to a series of continuous design improvement to the iCarbot. And this refined product is ultimately recognized […]

F wheel Dolphin One or Ninebot One E+, Which is Better?

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F-wheel Dolphin One defeats most electric unicycles in market. This time, let’s have a comparsion between Dolphin one and Ninebot One E, a unicycle produce by another  factory in China. After this technique analysis, you’ll find out why it came to this conclusion.   Many people may havn’t heard about the ninebot one, so what […]

5 Most Creative Ways for the Last Mile Going Home – Crazy but Fun

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What’s the most dashing way to swagger through the stress wearing a pair of cool sunglasses?  Tired of Going home with legs, it’s real time to find something fun and exciting to color up the grey sky. Let’s scream through the street attracting the eyebows of boys and girls on those splendid tools! 1. iCarbot Have […]

Where to Find the Best Folding Electric Bike for Sale Facotry/Manufacturer?

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Folding electric bike factories and manufacturers are mainly located in the most famous city of electronics manufacturing, Shenzhen. It’s low price & durable e bike manufacturing ability lies in its years of high tech electronics manufacturing and producing experience. Millions of Shenzhen hoverboards and electric unicycles has been sold to USA, UK, France and Korea and […]

iCarbot Latest Specifications

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A four wheeled scooter weighs only 3 kg. You can stand on it and move freely just like hoverboards or self balancing scooter. Safer, steadier, lighter and latest design in 2016 spring! iCarbot— Newest Patent 4 Wheel Electric Scooter, Powered Walk Car Item spec Specification parameter: Performance index  Items parameter Siez Car body(mm) 383.5*310.5*106.3 package(mm) […]

My First Experience On F-wheel Dolphin Self Balancing Unicycle

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Unicycles look troublesome to ride. the sole folks I’ve ever seen on unicycles was the one child in highschool UN agency visited clown school on his summer break which gifted company of local road performers UN agency additionally breathe hearth. I ne’er imaginary a monocycle would be on behalf of me. I simply knew i’d […]

What are Those Powered One Wheel Scooter Just Like A Skateboard?

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New products are always hard to call out their names. For example, the powered one wheel scooter like the picture shown below. What are the name of them that you stand on it and move with electricity? Do you want to know the real name of this gadget? In this article we are going to […]

One Wheel Review and Comparison: Best Onewheel Comes From F-wheel

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Hoverboards have become popular, and with the various types available in the market, depending with their characteristics, there are many sources where you can buy your dream one-wheel hoverboard. However, for quality and durability reasons you must have a better analysis and comparison of the products. Additionally, features of the electric uni-scooter of your choice […]

Look Cool by Riding a One Wheel Scooter

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ave you considered riding a one wheel scooter? Or you still think it’s an idea that belongs to the future? A few years ago, no one would have ever though thought of balancing on a single-wheeled skateboard. I mean, can you imagine a person weighing about 120 pounds wheezing past you while supported by a […]