One Wheel Hoverboard Bebomes a New Fashion Symbol


Good news, ladies and gentle men! A new skateboard-like vehicle has been introduced, this one simply called “Hoverboard”, and this one wheel for sale is getting popular. Before you get too excited, know this — it, like other “hoverboards”, doesn’t levitate. It does, however, move a bit like we imagine a hoverboard would move, something facilitated via a single wheel placed centrally under the board. The futuristic slant is complemented with a colored light around the edge of the board. Cool idea to hover again. Let’s have a look the new dashing star at the beginning of 2016.


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Now it comes to the specifications of this gadget. This device has a range up to 12 miles on a charge and a top speed of 16MPH. It charges at a rate of about 1.5 miles per minute, meaning five minutes on a charger might be enough to get you to the bus stop after a long day. The device isn’t too light, however, at 25lbs, meaning you’ll want to limit how often you have to carry it. This powered single-wheel skateboard will zip you around in futuristic style. Fashion boys and girls loves to try new things always. There is a big market in it. For example, the hoverbaord from Fwheel is really popular last year, thousands of hoverboards have been sold.

Not everyone is able to afford such expensive toy. Riding the skateboard of the future won’t be cheap. “I didn’t want to approach the first real Hoverboard from the standpoint of making it a price-product,” Bigler who is the inventor of this product said. “I spared no expense to make it fully everything today’s technology could possibly provide.” That’s true, researching and new knowledge costs much to gain new technology and make new idea come true,while the materials and large quantity product manufacturer cost much less. F-wheel appreciate the work of the pioneer very much.

If you want one from the original company, you’ll have to fork over $3,775 (about £2,437, AU$5,243). Do so, and a reseller is saying your board will be delivered by May 2016. Of course, history has shown that the more complicated an item is, the more it will miss its anticipated delivery deadline on Kickstarter, so you might just have to go a bit more into the future till yours is in your hands.
Good news is that F-wheel has already produced lost of this kind of product. Large quantity in stock now, one wheel for sale!

dnewsfiles201509onewheeledskateboardhoverboard670x440jpgOn kickstarter, the prodcut quality is not insured. Trough China manufacture, this one wheel hoverboard is cost
effective. The Hoverboard, launching on Kickstarter, may not let you freely float above the pavement, but you just might feel like you are..

No matter where it is come from, have a try this one wheeled scooter and you’ll fall in love with it.


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