One Wheel Review and Comparison: Best Onewheel Comes From F-wheel

one wheel hoverboard

Hoverboards have become popular, and with the various types available in the market, depending with their characteristics, there are many sources where you can buy your dream one-wheel hoverboard. However, for quality and durability reasons you must have a better analysis and comparison of the products. Additionally, features of the electric uni-scooter of your choice is highly influenced by the the design applied by the manufacturer. Below is a detailed review of the F-wheel uni-wheel hoverboard plus a number of comparisons with other similar products.


F-wheel One wheel hoverboard

F-wheel one wheel hoverboard review

Features and benefits

1. Spacious board

The surface on the board provides sufficient space for your stepping. It is enough to give your foot a firm grip, making the hoverboard’s control process easy. Obviously, making those turns and moves at a supper speed requires concentration and sufficient space on the board. To avoid any drawbacks, the manufacture ensured that any user has access to most space on the board for control and stability purpose.

2. Protective pads on the board

Since the wheel is centered on the hoverboard’s surface, there are protective pads on either sides to prevent your foot from touching the wheel, which would otherwise interfere with the wheel movement or the overall speed. The pads provide further grip for your foot, especially while over-speed on a sloppy road.

3. Light weight

This feature is attributed mainly by the light-weight material that is used in the manufacture of the onewheel hoverboard. The material is not only light, but strong and will never disappoint you while in use. The feature further acts as a factor when it comes to super-fast speed of the F-Wheel hoverboard.

4. The Uni-Wheel feature

The one wheel nature of this electric hoverboard acts as a unique feature by itself. Unlike the two or four wheeled hoverboard, this version has the flexibility to control both the speed and direction movements due to the uni-cycle nature. Riding on this one-wheeled electric scooter gives you the advantage that it can maneuver between people in a crowded place.

5. Streamlined shape

The F-wheel uni-wheel happens to be the best and amazing hoverboard while riding due to its shape. It has astreamlined shape that delivers optimum performance while in movement. Its supper fast and unbeatable speed among other products under its category is mainly attributed by its smooth shape, which reduce frictionmaking it gain momentum from the start. Another advantage that comes as a result of its shape is that it will save on power while the output is maintained at high levels.

6. Easy to learn

Balancing on any scooter or hoverboard is not an easy task. The combination of body movements and foot to control the speed and direction becomes easy thing when using the F-Wheel onewheel hoverboard. It gets easier where you take advantage of the single wheel that automatically balances once you are vertically positioned on the board at a steady speed.


– Less costly, with same great value

– Easy to maintain

– Easy to balance and learn the riding process, usually within a day

– Reflects on dark environment, reducing accidents risks

– Comes with a warranty from the seller/manufacturer

– High quality material, for durability purpose

– Long lasting battery


– For beginners, it feels a little tipsy while riding it for the fist time

– Again for beginners, it may be difficult to control under rainy weather conditions

Comparison between F-Wheel uni-wheel hoverboards and one-wheel hoverboards from other companies

The AirWheel X3 vs F-wheel One wheel hoverboard

AirWheel X3 is a self balancing unicycle that has a relatively low price. Can be a good choice for starters but once you learn the basics, the speed will disappoint you. Also the battery life is short and the machine automatically stops when riding in case the battery life is one-cell light life. It is better to get what you feel safe than feel sorry latter.

Comparing the X3 with the F-Wheel onewheel hoverboard, the F-wheel’s version has long battery life and the speed is reliable and wholly depends with how you use it. The battery has LED light that reduce their lighting levels and ability as the battery get lower. Additionally, it has a warning sound when power gets 20% or below to warn you when to stop using it. It is therefore convenient and it will never disappoint your fun.

The MSuper 18 by Gotway vs F-wheel One wheel hoverboard

The Gotway is an 18 inch wheel for sporting activity with a comfortable feel for all terrain ride. It supports heavy weighted people plus their package of up to 38lbs or 17.4kg. It is liked for its speed of up to 22mph, and rides even when at the woods. However, over-leaning or riding at a super fast speed can bring it to a sudden gnarly crash, and therefore care should be observed while using it.

Comparing it to F-wheel One wheel hoverboard, it is noticeable that F-Wheel unicycle’s wheel is smaller in size. Although the smooth texture and shape makes it perfect for faster movements and effective control. The broad board is spacious enough offering you sufficient space for your foot while riding it. As long as you are on a F-wheel One wheel hoverboard, you are guaranteed for your safety as it is less likely to crash due to over-speeding. F-Wheel can accommodate up to 120kg of load and up to 10kg of extra package. The tile diameter is 252 mm. It has a voice prompt of “Drop” sound to notify user on power usage or alternatively the four LED to notify of power dropout.


F-wheel Dolphin Electric Unicycle

Final verdict

In overall comparison, it is evident that the F-wheel One wheel hoverboard has a number of advantages compare to other one-wheeled hoverboards. While other electric boards come from companies that do not offer spare parts for their customers, the F-wheel One wheel hoverboard is sold directly by the manufacturer, giving the users guarantee for durability, safety and cost-efficiency. The product’s packaging too is professional suitable whensending as a gift. The company has assured that with vast research and continuous improvements, their products are of high quality and the price is always fair, delivering what customers deserve. Therefore, the F-wheel OneWheel hoverboard is highly recommended choice of an electric unicycle.

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