One Wheel Scooter Frees You from Heavy Urban Traffic

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One Wheel Scooter Frees You from Heavy Urban Traffic

Abstract: City has its convenience compared to countryside. However, it upsets you often especially in commuting hours. In traffic jam and conjestions, you shout, scream and sound the horn while the car do not move even little farther. So what can do we in this akward situation? Don’t you worry about being blamed for being late for work by your boss or show a bad model to your employees? With the development of the technology, F-wheel one wheel scooter solves all your problems and worries!

Born in city, you can easily image the feeling of being stuck in the heavy traffic. Everyday millions of cars piled up on streets in sluggishly moving traffic flow, and millions of people get stuck in the traffic congestion helplessly. Imagine how depressed and gloomy people are feeling when they stuck halfway home. Worse still, they have to breathe the waste gas and when they look up to the sky, they see nothing but a grey sky. What a terrible experience, and the more terrible is that this is the life many people have to live every day after a whole-day tiring work. Therefore, it is high time that people rescue themselves by changing the way of daily transports. Now people have an alternative transport that can keep away from air pollution and city congestion- F-wheel electric self-balancing one wheel scooter. Being not only green, but also efficient and move fast anywhere as you wish!


The sense of happiness can be intensified if people are totally free from the anxiety of lateness for work. It is easy to go to work on time easily and fast by riding F-wheel electric self-balancing one wheel scooter, and being punctual forever is not a challenge but a habit with F-wheel single wheel scooter.

The superior product quality speaks for the value of the brand. F-wheel self-balancing single wheel scooter is equipped with many technological innovations, including original Sony lithium battery, grand new premium-quality wheels, resin case by nanotechnology, ultra-silent magnetism levitation motor, as well as the advanced built-in intelligent chip devised with the world’s top intelligence system that applies the theory of aerospace posture control, fuzzy algorithm, and gyroscope system for automatic balance-keeping. The integration of high-tech innovations into the humanized design makes F-wheel electric moped an unparalleled alternative transport due to marvelous performances, superior quality, wonderful riding experience as well as environmentally-friendliness.

Time is money and time is to be saved. Every day, people spend their time looking at the smartphone while they taking buses or walking on the road. It has becce a fact that people cannot live without smartphones even if they stay at home. The huge dependence on smartphone leads an unhealthy way of life, which will affect people’s mental or physical health. Now it is high time that people put off the smartphone and focus on life with F-wheel Self Balancing Unicycle. With F-wheel electric mobility, you race before others for half an hour everyday.

F-wheel product wins the heart of millions of customers by its high quality product. Premium quality is just one aspect of product impeccability, and to satisfy the growing aesthetic needs of consumers, F-wheel electric mobility strives to meets the overall requirement of consumers with fashionable and unique design. In fact, each type of F-wheel moped for sale is featured by specialty and can satisfy various needs of consumers.Customer will never need to worry about the quality of the wheels, 30 days money back when in dissatisfaction!

By now, F-wheel has resellers all over the world including France, Germany, Switzerland, India, South Korea and China and so on. And we keep on looking for more resellers to   These days, F-wheel’s products are rather comon in all countries. F-wheel players are spotted in a number of countries worldwide. And F-wheel team is set to attend various exhibitions in the future. Fans who are eager to have a go could visit F-wheel’s booth at local exhibitions. Last month we have took part in the Conton fair and atttrating hundreds of passengers eye and signed a dozen of reseller. Now F-wheel is looking for more resellers to sell his excellent high quuality products to more customers in the world !

Some tips on the one wheel scooter use in diferent weather:

The weather changes often with the season and districts.Compared to China, Europe and American usually ha  A few days ago, with heavy rainfall in various regions, streets were filled with water and this continued in some areas while it cleared up in some cities. The heavy rain prevents all means of transport going out including electric self-balancing scooters. But when it is raining cats and dogs, you might as well care more for your scooters.

In rare sunny days after rain, Fosjoas will introduce some tricks in maintenance of lectric mobility and hope you will do careful maintenance and enjoy smooth rides.

On wet roads after rain, attention should be paid when riding an intelligent scooter to avoid ponding on roads if it is not a fully-enclosed one, e.g., Fosjoas V series two-wheel scooters. A water drop getting into the engine block might damage the entire scooter.

A scooter will inevitably become dirty when traveling after rain. Some users prefer timely cleaning to keep their scooters clean, but make sure that your scooter has been powered off before such cleaning. Direct washing with water is not suggested. One may gently wipe a scooter with a wet towel to ensure no water will get in it. It is worth noted that DO NOT wash a scooter with water when it is powered on. It not only damages your intelligent scooters, but also threats personal safety.

As we promised we will keep on posting useful tips for F-wheel one wheel scooter users and ensure our dear customers have a better experience with new kind of electric mobility.

Ok, this ariticle comes to the end here, any questions or if you are interested in this one wheel scooter, please tell us and we will reply you as soon as possible !

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