Pay Attention to the Maintenance of the DYU Electric Bike in Summer

Maintenance of the DYU Electric Bike in Summer

How to maintain your DYU smart bike in summer? We’ll discuss the topic in this essay today.

With the improvement of living standards and the increasing pace of life, electric bicycles are becoming the first choice for more and more consumers because of their convenience, pollution-free and low price features. Especially in hot summer, electric bike maintenance is very important to keep it running normal. So how to maintain electric bike in the hot season? How to prolong the ebike battery life?
Maintenance of the DYU Electric Bike in Summer

Sunscreening: avoid insolation in the hot sunshine

Electric bike experts remind consumers that lithium batteries run in high-temperature season have the main problem of overcharging. The activity of active substances increases when charging, the reaction is sufficiently intense, and the positive electrode oxygen potential and negative electrode hydrogen evolution potential decrease. Therefore, the charging time is fast, the charging current is large, and the charging voltage needed for charging should be low.
Most of the materials of lithium-ion batteries, such as diaphragm and electrolyte, are organic materials, and the boiling point of the melting point is low. If the temperature is too high, some negative chemical reactions will occur, which seriously affects the battery life and even the safety performance.
Maintenance of the DYU Electric Bike in Summer

Rainstorm: don’t ride an electric bike when it comes to a heavy rain

Summer is also a season for rainwater concentration. According to investigation, the probability of water intake and repair of all electric vehicles in rainstorm is about 7~10 times that of normal weather.
As we all know, general electric bikes have waterproof measures for controllers, batteries, motors, etc., but this does not mean that electric bikes can roam freely on rainy days. Riding on electric vehicles in rainy days, especially in heavy rain days, can easily damage electric vehicles. Therefore, heavy rain days, people must not ride electric vehicles on the road, do not park in the open air, because electric vehicles battery is most afraid of water. Mild water intake needs ventilation and air drying; if it is more serious, it needs after-sale maintenance. Motor vehicles and controllers are the most likely to be flooded in electric vehicles. Citizens should pay special attention to the depth of water accumulation, so that they can run normally without exceeding half of the electric wheel. Electric bike experts remind: in the face of heavy rain, it is best not to ride electric vehicles.
When the rainstorm is thundering, try not to charge. When the vehicle is charged in the open or low terrain, the charging should be terminated unitl the rain pass, so as to avoid the short circuit of the water accumulated over the charging port.

Do not “hurry”,  avoid braking suddenly

In the summer, we should try to avoid sharp brakes as much as possible. When accelerating, especially at the beginning, you should slowly turn the handle, sometimes you can pause, and then continue to accelerate when the speed comes up. In the course of driving, it is not suitable to start and brake frequently. If you need to brake, you can release the handle in advance and try to let the bike run on inertia.
In this way, it can not only avoid the damage of the large current discharge to the battery, but also increase the mileage. At the same time, the charge time in summer is not too long (about 8 hours in normal time). When the electric vehicle is running, if the battery is insufficient, do not continue to ride. It should be charged in time. Secondly, if you don’t use the bike for a long time, you should place it fully charged and disconnect the circuit master switch, and you will have to replenish the battery once every 1 to 2 months.
However, DYU bike riding can save you from many troubles.


The first thing in summer maintenance of the electric bike is sunscreen! However, DYU smart bike has no such trouble. It can enter the air-conditioned room with you to enjoy the cool. Once folded, you can enter elevator, office and home, so that sunscreen problem can be solved immediately. The weight of the DYU is only 12kg~15kg, and the adult can lift up stairs with one hand.
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In case of heavy rain, the owners try not to ride the electric bicycle on the road, and do not park the car in the open air, because the battery of the electric vehicle is most afraid of water intake. Slight water intake needs ventilation and air drying only, but if it is more serious, it must be repaired at the maintenance point.
Warm warning, it is not recommended to ride an electric car on rainy days. Please fold your DYU smart bike in the trunk of the car, the corner of the office and so on, and go home with a safe transportation tool.

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