DYU D3+ Smart Electric Bike

DYU D3 Smart Electric Bike is the combination of beauty and strength with the stylish appearance, a powerful 250w motor & amazing 60km mileage. It’s the most advanced version of DYU electric bike series based on DYU smart bike D1 & DYU smart bike D2. Welcome to leave a message below for details on price, wholesale, resell & distribution

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DYU Smart Electric Bike D3 +

Model: 14-inch folding E-bike / DYU D3 Plus
Max Loading: 120KG
Hill grade: 15°
Motor: 36V 250W
Max Speed: 25KM/H (adjustable by APP)
Size: 113.5*21*102cm
Endurance: Pure electric:40±5KM, assisting riding:40-50km
Battery capacity: 6AH/10AH Chinese Lithium Battery
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Light: Front light & Rear light
Brake: front and rear disc brakes
With Intelligent BMS, App and Automatic cruise
Adjustable seat
Color: Black/White/Red
N.W.(KGS): 18
G.W.(KGS): 22
CARTON size (CM): 115*22*65
Folding size (CM):113.5*22*70
Released size (CM): 113.5*50*102
CBM: 0.17
Qty for (20GP): 162
MOQ(pcs): 20

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D3 + in stock in DYU European Poland Operation Center for instant wholesale, ship to United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, etc.

27 reviews for DYU D3+ Smart Electric Bike

  1. Kobe Salinas

    Luv it. My work is about 6 miles away and I go to it and back without having to recharge

  2. Ashlyn Ball

    I’m new to E-biking, in fact, haven’t done any biking for decades but I’m really enjoying this!

  3. Eva Riley

    Much higher quality than I expected. This is a good e-bike. Been running around for 2 months now. Nothing loose, nothing feels cheap. It just works.

  4. Peter

    When its battery runs dry, there are pedals to fall back on or generate more power, much better than my last mini foldable bike.

  5. Double AA

    Assembly was very easy. I only had to install the pedals, the seat, the front fender and tire, and attach the control module to the handle bars. Smooth to ride

  6. Techlines

    The automatic cruise control allows me not to hold the handle all the time. I love this design.

  7. Elizabeth

    DYU D3 is one of the best e-bikes I ever had. I ride it every day and put up some stickers to make it look adorable. Nice!!

  8. theodosiaioannoy

    We have 2 of your DYU bikes.. We live in Greece ..you should be proud of your product!! The best ebikes!! We love them

  9. Dominique

    The F-wheel DYU Electric Bike is a lot of fun to use, and more so once you become comfortable with its tiny design.

  10. Julien

    Bon velo, tres bonne autonomie super freinage, on peut realiser de longue balade. La selle n’a pas résister, l’electronique fragile heureusement le velo marche encore deja 1200kms, la batterie a perdu en capacite environ -25% . Une version moins lourde serait vraiment sympa 18 kilos une light avec un bon pliage pour la voiture avec – de 12 kilos. Un porte bagage discret. Je rachete dessuite.

  11. Good Vibe Gliders

    Good Glide Approved!

  12. Rachael

    This mini foldable little bike is adorable!

  13. Kemar

    I like the way. It. Luck
    Like to. Stroll

  14. Dragoslav

    Smart and affordable ebike. Great commuting tool.

  15. Justin Morrison

    It’s lucky to find the DYU ul2272 seated electric scooter on Alibaba. I trusted the stock dyu seller and they didn’t let me down. Nice people to work with.

  16. Mike

    Hi I got a dyu d3 am in the UK
    I am a adult and love it

  17. Sai ram raju

    Hey your e bike is awesome

  18. Daniel

    DYU VIP / D3 / 10.4 lithium battery (14″wheel. 18KG).
    Run down on new travel data:
    Fully charged 100% diagnostics check.
    Locked at 20km/12mph (passed safety mileage∆; follow up TEST).
    ECO drive engaged.

    Rider: 15st / 95kg / 210lbs, 6ft height.
    Test usage: Road and Park roads (hard tarmac compound).
    From 0° to 15°+ general hills. Very minimal assistance from pedals.

    30KM/18miles affective drive distance, with last 2KM with pedal
    -assistance and eventually Computer Control Display starts to fail (faint to blank).
    32KM usage total before recharging.

    Diagnostics reads 13% remains, bike 50/50 drive and drops power intermittently.
    Rendered near dead/very minimal support. Pedal only input.

    Difficult to pedal (cramped leg position) being 18KG / 36lbs likened to a full size steel mountain bike.
    You can buy a 30.4 standard 40cm length seat-pillar (£19.99) if you require additional height (cut down to best fit). Due to drive-chain ratio; you are limited to a speed approximately 7mph/11km pace, without going too crazy.

    It’s a electric-bike only first, the cycling is more for up hill assistance.

    ∆Should be now 30km speed (18mph). TBC

  19. Qicycle Wills

    An inexpensive but very well-designed electrically assisted pedal bike

  20. Danzo Enzo

    Hi am ENZO from Nigeria I would like a sample of this bike here in African to get more reviews and comment. I have seen some review already and is good.

  21. Rome

    Best thing I ever could have bought for my camper ,love it

  22. Manni

    Sturdy one.I have used it for 5 weeks and it’s still as strong as a new.

  23. ekacnap

    Based on my first week of owning an DyuD3, I’d say the D3 is a fun and sturdy product that automakers might end up scared of.

  24. Eric

    Reçu en 1 mois , très facile à monter à la sortie du carton et opérationnel immédiatement car batterie chargée. Le vélo connecté a l’application est conforme au descriptif et bien équipé.le mode sans pédalage est efficace et on atteint la vitesse de 22/24 kms heure sur route plate . Bonne autonomie également ce qui évite de recharger trop souvent . Freinage ok. Satisfait offre un bon rapport qualité prix et plus sympa qu’une trottinette

  25. 후아 징 웨이

    최고의 전기 자전거, 나는이 전기 스쿠터를 좋아합니다.

  26. Amber

    F-wheel produce qualified Dyu electric bike and scooters with certifications as other or CE and support OEM and customized designs. I love its trendy product design especially the appearance

  27. Jose

    Thanks DYU for this perfect mini électric bike which can Bring me Where i néed in Town

    Best commuting tool factory and best dyu in my opinion

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