DYU D1F Smart Electric Bike

Improved DYU D1 smart electric bike. Suitable for city short trip and commuting. Welcome to get the latest factory price and be our agent.

Max Speed: 25KM/H
Size: 1020*505*940mm
Endurance: 20±3KM
Battery: 6Ah Chinese Lithium Battery
Frame Material: Steel
Brake: Front and rear disc brakes
Light: Front light&Rear light
Adjustable seat;Automatic cruise
CARTON SIZE (CM):105*21*65
Qty for (20GP):195

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DYU Smart Electric Bike D1F
D1F-Details_04 (1) (1) 250w high speed brushless motor

10 reviews for DYU D1F Smart Electric Bike

  1. F-wheel

    DYU Electric Bike D1F – 2019 New Design D Series Ebike

  2. DYUer

    At 15kg it is lighter than Gocycle and enough to handle but heavy enough that you feel secure on a windy day

  3. Gustavo Adolfo

    Folding it is rather easy, it’s surprising how it fits perfectly well in my car’s trunk. But make sure you find something that holds it in there because it just flops and bounces around in your car’s trunk if you don’t tie it down.

  4. Ramon Suarez

    Now I understand why it’s called smart bike. Its App makes the riding experience rather smooth.

  5. Elby

    This is an affordable great little e-scooter. Build quality is solid and it can withstand up 120kg! The optional kids saddle is a must if you want to carry your little ones with you.It is assembled righ out of the box and you only have to mount the rear fender.

  6. Olic Ken

    Take a look first at the nearly flawless, matte black frame that’s leaps and bounds nicer than the other bikes around that show lots of seams and weld marks. And DYU bike would be your final wise choice.

  7. Xiaomi

    Difficult to find a defect to our electric bike, which has been able to prove to have a sporting character and above all to keep up with a heavy weight like mine

  8. Coast Cycler

    Best electric scooter for commuting. Hard to find any defect.

  9. Lorelei Blackburn

    Can be converted from a scooter to an ebike. Interesting

  10. Laurence

    This bike/scooter is amazing. I have 2 of these, my brother has 1 and my friend has 1 and we all love them! Upgraded the brakes to shimano deore hydraulics and swapped the seats with Schwinn spring seats. It goes about 15mph and will run about 12 miles before needing charge. Lots of shops in Singapore that sell upgrades and replacement parts and you can easily add another battery to increase distance.

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