DYU D1 Smart Electric Bike

This new DYU smart electric bike D1 has a stylish appearance, front & back light and the function of constant speed cruising, is lightweight, safe and practical for commuting use. It’s the most classic model from DYU. Welcome to wholesale.

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DYU D1 Standard

Model: 12 inch standard version folding E bike
Motor: 36V 250W
Max Loading: 120KG
Hill grade: 15°
Max Speed: 25KM/H (adjustable by APP)
Brake: Rear disc brake
Light: Front light&Rear light
With Intelligent BMS,App and Automatic cruise
Size: 102*50.5*94cm
Endurance: 20±3KM
Battery: 6Ah Chinese Lithium Battery
Frame material: Aluminum Alloy
COLOR: Black
N.W.(KGS): 13
G.W.(KGS): 18
CARTON SIZE (CM): 105*22*75
CBM: 0.17
Qty for (20GP): 162
MOQ(pcs): 20

DYU D1 Deluxe

Motor: 36V 250W Max Loading: 120KG
Hill grade: 15°
Max Speed: 25KM/H (adjustable by APP)
Brake: Front and rear disc brakes
Light: Front light&Rear light
With Intelligent BMS, App and Automatic cruise
Size: 1020*505*940mm
Endurance: 40±5KM
Battery: 10.4Ah LG Lithium Battery
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
COLOR: Black/White
N.W.(KGS): 14.5
G.W.(KGS): 19
CARTON SIZE (CM): 107*24*79
CBM: 0.20
Qty for (20GP): 138
MOQ(pcs): 20

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By dyu.vip, a subsidiary of F-wheel

40 reviews for DYU D1 Smart Electric Bike

  1. Lexi Ramirez

    Best investment ever. I can get everywhere in town plus more on just one charge. It’s pretty quick too. Super fun.

  2. Joe Roberts

    Very impressed with the bike.
    As I am an engineer I think value for money.
    Good design easy put together very easy to fold. Rides well.
    Gives me the freedom to go further on my rides.
    Brilliant bike. No faults whatsoever on my bike.

  3. Lacey Gray

    my bf loves this bike. he has a broken ankle… can go on walks with me. easy to use.. rides well.

  4. Steven. D

    My DYU D1 is great!

  5. Muhryzal

    Pokonya satu luar biasa kerennnnnnn….. Cuma baru tau ternyata kalau pengen remnya depan dan belakang mesti pilihnya yang dyu d1 deluxe dan kapasitas batrenya juga lebih besar yang deluxe cuma harganya pun pasti beda lah, hahaha. Tinggal cari part supaya bisa digowes (crank, sproket single sama rantainya) hehehe

  6. Tim

    I got this to retrieve the mail, which is up a hill from our house. I am near the weight limit for this bike, so it struggles getting me up the hill, but it gets me there. Coming back is no problem! While not great, it does the job I got it for. And I saw the specs before I bought, so the performance is not a surprise.

  7. Efrain

    They look like it an expensive item but isn’t. I am buying it for gifts. Just adorable. I really love them.

  8. Steven

    I bought one of these for my wife two years ago she loves it hundreds of miles and still running strong

  9. Kavita

    The good thing is it’s able to adjust the seat’s height, and it’s difficult to find any major fault with the DYU given its relatively low price.

  10. Lynn

    I bought this for my son who’s 32 to get to work and back, as he doesn’t drive, he absolutely loves it.

  11. Shannon

    The classic model, I love the classic design of DYU

  12. Hadfield

    The DYU bike is a fantastic vehicle ))))
    I have been using it for 2 years and it is error free
    -10 to +40 degrees Celsius
    I am very happy to use your product
    people are stopped in the street taking pictures and asking where they can buy such a bike
    I will tell them )))))
    I wish a very happy New Year for all of us ))) and good luck in the future

  13. Sebastian

    Been building n buying electric scooters n bikes for 15 years. This is the BEST BANG FOR BUCK on the market, WOW!! Weighed in at 31 pounds tho, not advertised 26.


    These are great for our whole family — adults and kids. We purchased 2 from the China ebike supplier for Christmas — one for our 10-year old son, and one for our 12-year old daughter. We weren’t sure what they’d think and these ended up being their favorite gifts from us. The bikes ride super smooth. Also, the battery lasts a very long time. Super easy to get on and learn how to ride. The speeds can be adjusted for your preference. This was the best purchase we made for Christmas!!! Added bonus is that us parents can ride them as well as they are intended for adults originally. The only problem is….everyone wants to ride them around. hard to get them back from friends and neighbors. The bikes fold up easily and fit easily in our trunk when we went took them on our vacation to zip around Tahoe. Faster then expected. Assembly was easy — took !0 minutes to unpack and assemble seat. The LED lights are excellent. My 12-year old daughter can fold the handle bars down and load in the car herself. bought 2 of them so far.

    Stay away from the cheaper versions, its true, you get what you pay for!!!!

  15. Steve

    fantastic vehicle 1 year i use error free)))))))))
    thank you very much for having wonderful vehicle Steve
    Wish you a Merry Christmas

  16. Ecotric

    I now get to the small but capable DYU scooter. DYU vip e bike has gained popularity as an e-bike for children and teens from its mother company named F-wheel. Dyu scooter with ul2272 certificate packs an impressive 250-watt motor. And it’s battery can be upgraded to 10.4 ah. With this DYU e scooter bicycle you can travel on slopes up to 25° easily. The most important and attractive, its price is lower than most ebikes at the same hardware level. Worth buying.

  17. Peter

    Hello there, I absolutely love your products. My DYU D1 got stolen today, they cut my cable lock and took it while I was paddling down the river. I regularly use it to shuttle back to my car, and I take it for all kinds of trips around town, at the Coast, and make videos. People absolutely love the bikes. I would be ecstatic to try this new model with the longer range. I would make many videos and post them on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. I have money, but it would be nice to get a good price. I really want another one already, it’s only been a few hours since they took mine. The D3 F looks incredible, what fun and utility!
    Thank you for your time.
    Much appreciation.

  18. Stelios

    Great quality! DYU comes in parts and it is very easy to assemble and put up the scooter. Kids loved it. The get on easily and sit comfortable.

  19. Wowo

    The height of the front and saddle of the bike can be both adjusted. You can adjust the height according to your needs. I like this design.

  20. Excelvan

    A compact and zero-emission personal transportation device which is designed for both teenagers and adults

  21. Spadger

    Fits great and came in handy when I crashed my bike a month ago. Great Service as well!

  22. Víctor

    I’ve been looking around for folding electric scooter for a while, and saw the DYU D1 reviewed quite well. What made up my mind, was the reasonable price, especially through the DYU official site. Way cheaper than other similar bikes and e scooters. Great for wholesale.

  23. Karen Ostrander

    I am very happy with this product. It works well and is fun to ride. The seat is a bit uncomfortable but that is easily remedied with a gel seat cushion that you can put over the seat. I ride back and forth to work and it makes my commute enjoyable while giving me some exercise.

  24. Adrian

    This bike is my new passion i love going out on it with my son, you get so many amazed looks & people asking where you got it from, i love it.
    since buying it I’ve bought a bigger battery 10.4ah and replaced the seat with a sprung one & put green slime in the tires to stop punctures.
    The only bad thing is the rubber flap covering the power point

  25. Tom

    A precisely negative what I have to do though is related toabsence of communication about the Bluetooth password for blocking an electric bike. Anyway the standard password is 123456 that you will need to set the block and / or proceed to change the password with a personalized one

  26. Marie Black

    The F-wheel DYU Electric Bike is a lot of fun to use, and more so once you become comfortable with its tiny design.

  27. Супер велик

    Отличный велик. Едет быстро, подключается к смартфону по блютус. Сначала всем офисом катались по парковке, когда пришел. Теперь по вечерам после работы катаемся вместе с дочкой – она на обычном, я на этом =)

  28. William

    최고의 경량 전기 자전거, 나는이 창조적 인 새로운 전기 스쿠터를 사랑한다.

  29. HolmesHobbies

    For the price it looks like the bike is very well made!

  30. Tim

    Dyu electric bike is normally an interesting product. DYU – F-wheel official site online is the best place for whole sales. I’m the agent of DYU and I love DYU much.

  31. Greg Jones

    Be a good little bike to ride down in the bottoms of MO Recon G6. 🙂

  32. Michael

    DYU escooter is popular in Singapore, most of my friends ride it. Cool scooter

  33. David Jones

    Received my DYU D1 last week. Outstanding quality and build. I live in Santa Barbara Ca. It’s quite the head turner.
    Nothing but a smile on my face while riding this powerful and comfortable e-bike.
    DYU keeps up the good work.
    Thank You DYU group.

  34. Stephen Worrel

    I opted for the DYU ebike… I loved the look of the bike. Plus it’s designed in Britain

  35. Takis

    ● Very beautiful and quality!● Great autonomy and high speed!● Front and rear disc brakes and led lights!● Folding design,aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame and IP54 waterproof!● Smart App controlling,cruise control and BMS!● Lightweight and easy to carry!● It goes everywhere and takes you anywhere!● Amazing product at fantastic price!► See my detailed review here: https://youtu.be/vFpWWRPMrko

  36. Eric Rowan

    OK, here we go. This electric scooter is also known as the DYU D1 over-seas. This little thing is great. Once you put ten miles, or 16 kilometers on the odometer, the limiter turns off and this thing will hit in the ballpark of 20 mph! (I’m light so I’ve done 22 on a flat plane.) It has enough torque to go up hills, has functioning headlights and a brake-light, there’s two apps you can download on the app store that will allow you to lock, change the speed settings, and see a digital speedometer of the bike. Very impressive in my opinion, even the handlebars fold over to make it easier to carry. The bike does not feel cheap, that outer tubular frame you’re seeing is real metal. I’m 6′ tall and I sit comfortably on it (the seat is comfortable, too), ad honestly I couldn’t praise this thing enough.

  37. Vatemu Anis

    An excellent electric scooter!
    This is an affordable great little e-scooter. Build quality is solid and it can withstand up 120kg! The optional kids saddle is a must if you want to carry your little ones with you.It is assembled righ out of the box and you only have to mount the rear fender.

  38. F-wheel

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  39. F-wheel

    This new DYU smart bike D1 has a stylish appearance, front & backlight and the function of constant speed cruising, is lightweight, safe and practical for commuting use.

  40. F-wheel

    ● Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame, excellent quality and high performance
    ● IP54 waterproof, practical usage even in bad weather
    ● Smart App controlling ( scanning the QR code in the user manual ), cruise control and battery management system
    ● Bright front light and backlight, increasing cycling safety in night
    ● Folding design, space-saving and portable to carry
    ● Powerful 250W motor, large battery capacity and strong loading ability, meeting your needs

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