DYU D2+ Smart Electric Bike

2021 latest folding electric bicycle from DYU F-wheel, the gorgeous DYU Smart Bike D2+. DYU D2+ has a bump reducing suspension & a more powerful battery compared to DYU D2 and lighter weight compared to DYU D3. Welcome to leave a message to get the wholesale price below.

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Model: 12-inch standard version folding E-bike / DYU D2 plus
Max Loading: 120KG
Hill grade: 15°
Motor: 36V 250W
Riding Speed: 20KM/H
Max Speed: 25KM/H (adjustable by APP)
Size: 109*29*67cm
Endurance: Pure electric:40±5KM assisting riding:40-60km
Battery: 10Ah Chinese Lithium Battery
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Light: Front light&Rear light
Brake: Front and Rear disc brakes
With Intelligent BMS, App and Automatic cruise
With Suspension: Yes
Color: Black/White/Red
Seat: Adjustable seat & Damping seat
Input voltage: 100-220V
Waterproofing level: IP54
Working temperature: -10-45℃
N.W.(KGS): 16
G.W.(KGS): 21.4
CARTON SIZE (CM) : 110*22*56
CBM: 0.14
Qty for (20GP): 207
MOQ(pcs): 20

DYU Smart Electric Bike D2 +


Lightweight Frame
Even Girls Can Lift It Easily
Make Your Travel More Convenient

Mini Bike Body
Small Size, Smart Design
1 Meter Bike Length, Easy Parking

10Ah Lithium Battery
35 Mile Mileage
Meet Your 1-Week Commuting Needs

DTST Smart Power Assisting System

3 Modes Assistance, 4 Kinds of Experience
A Versatile Pedelec

1. Pure Electricity Mode
350W Motor Providing A Top Speed as 15 miles/h

2. Assisting Mode
Easy Riding & Smooth Climbing

3. Riding Mode
Leisure time excises and mileage free

Parent & Kid Trip
Kids Seat as an Option
Best Trip Companion

Multi Shock Mitigation System
Suitable for Bumpy Roads
Inflatable Tires + Mechanics Shock-absorbing Seat

Intelligent Bike Lights
Safe for Night Riding
Adjustable Lights Mode

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19 reviews for DYU D2+ Smart Electric Bike

  1. Reid Walters

    This bike is absolutely incredible!! It goes really fast, it’s sleek, and it looks just as described. I highly recommend it.

  2. Ali Crane

    my first e-bike so opted for this economy model. great looking and has heads turning.

  3. Kate

    I bought this to commute from work and school because it was just close enough to be a short car ride but far enough to be a hellish walk. So far it has gotten me there faster than I expected and even holds up nicely on my city’s poor uneven sidewalks. I would suggest this for people who might not be able to drive to and from work or school and have issues getting places that are just a smidge too far for reasonable walking.

  4. Willson

    Economic bike, affordable and high quality

  5. Donald

    No one was more hyped about this product than I was. I live in a downtown area where this bike can be extremely useful. For the time I rode it, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  6. Barbara

    Compact design. Little one with great power. Highly recommend.

  7. Mike

    I own 2 of these little monsters and love them. I am disabled and use my D1 as a mobility device with great results. its small, maneuverable and really well balanced at super low speeds. Tiny profile allows me to go into the tightest shops and move around in crowds with ease and confidence. with over 7000 miles in the saddle I can say people will appreciate a review of these amazing machines. No I do not work for or with DYU or any other manufacturer. my D1 has no peddles, twist throttle only. My D2 has the TT and peddle assist. I prefer the D1. Thank for listening.

  8. Carmen

    This is the best ebike for the low. It’s going about 25 mph and i ride it every day.

  9. Steve

    我剛剛買了我的自行車2 我完美地使用了2年
    我真的很喜歡DYU Ebike 理想的城市交通

  10. Reagan

    Easy to put together quick charge and very fast. F-wheel is the best small electric bike manufacturer

  11. Christopher

    It has the zip to take you farther, faster. And its price is very reasonable & affordable.

  12. Yevgeniy Kindell

    It feels fantastic, you’re cruising easily. But the minute it starts going up a hill, you also gotta peddle to help it go up. Which is okay because the little engine helps a lot so you’re not straining yourself. But, being that the wheels are so small, after a while, you feel your legs get swore. I guess the size of the wheel has a lot to do with how hard you peddle.

    I’ve driven it up to 7 miles on a single charge and it still works but you start noticing the lack of power and acceleration. But once you charge it right back up, the bike works pretty good.

    Folding it is rather easy, it’s surprising how it fits perfectly well in my car’s trunk. But make sure you find something that holds it in there because it just flops and bounces around in your car’s trunk if you don’t tie it down.

    Overall, the bike is nice.

  13. Goplus

    It’s the best e scooter I’ve bought in the last few years. F wheel Dyu d2 price is reasonable and cheap. While its performance is perfectly outstanding! What’s more, this Dyu scooter even has a ul2272 certificate. My safety is guaranteed on this scooter.

  14. Justin Smith

    Solidly built, exceptional braking, great fun.
    Have installed the child seat accessory also, so the kids can join in.
    Fits snugly into the boot of the car.
    I would say perhaps though, that the the front cog needs to be ever so slightly larger, just to increase the top end pedal power, as when you hit around 26-27km, it is virtually impossible to pedal any faster

  15. Sprinter

    This is a perfect electrically assisted pedal bike that folds up for easy transportation

  16. Shaofu Sun

    This bike is absolutely incredible!! It goes really fast, its sleek, and it looks just as described. I highly recommend it. Large figure people are also good with it.

  17. Prince

    Extremely well built bike every part is quality. It is fun and easy to ride with good power to pull up steep hills with 250 watt motor. It folds very easy and is a good every day rider. Can be the best among all DYU series bicycles.

  18. DoubleAA

    Assembly was very easy. I only had to install the pedals, the seat, the front fender and tire, and attach the control module to the handle bars. Smooth to ride

  19. Bicycler Tomothy

    Best mini folding ebike I’ve got. It can also be used as a scooter at a 16 kg weight. Portable and with a strong battery.

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