DYU V1 Smart Electric Bike

New minimalism design DYU V1 smart bike with most COMFORTABLE riding experience, durable bike body and powerful performance. Welcome to contact us for details of the wholesale, retail, resell & distribution.

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Travel can actually be easier DYU V1 Smart Electric Bike
European style Geometric design It adopts minimal design. Its hidden battery is integrated with the body, showing the simplicity and fashion.
Widened and thickened design makes the rider comfortable in long time riding High elastic cotton core, experience every ride of comfort
V-frame is rock-solid V-shape triangle design, ergonomic load-bearing angle, it fully creates a powerful body structure while displaying distinct outline characteristics.
Easy to handle, smooth riding experience The front and rear double shock absorption system doesn't bother the control and response. With the solid aluminium alloy swing arm, it rides comfortably even if the road is bumpy and long.
Bright lighting: Integrative design bright LED with cylindrical concentrating effect brings up clear indications and becomes a beautiful scenery.
One step folding Easy to be put into the trunk

Comfortable seat – Upgraded soft and broadened high-end seat, makes you feel like sitting on a pile of cotton. No matter how long you ride, your body will enjoy the ride all the time.

Double shock reduction systems – Front and rear suspension spring, reduce the bumps to a MAXIMUM degree.

Minimalism design – Hidden battery 1 piece frame deign

Small size – More portable, folding size:1110*200*750mm, riding size:1110*500*1025mm

V shape triangle frame – Sturdy as diamond

36V brushless motor – Consistent riding experience

Remote control – BMW car key like remote-control gadget can control your bike lock and unlock, bike start and bike alarm.

Rear light – Safe riding at night

Long mileage – 10AH battery

Max speed – 25km


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23 reviews for DYU V1 Smart Electric Bike

  1. Eleanor Hill

    Very sturdy quality. Impressive design.

  2. Elise Conley

    To love this little guy, it’s well made and simple to use. I weigh 220 lbs and it carried me fine. Does hit 15 mph no problem. Will not climb hills but manages slight grades. If your looking for a cheap, light and fun bike to get you around locally and you don’t have to encounter too many hills this bike is great. Love how compact and light it is. Pick it up and toss it into the backseat of your craft with one hand. The headlight works well too.

  3. Melvin Langley

    I love this bike without a doubt for me it is the best practical and very fast economic bicycle that my eyes saw the battery is efficient and durable I would recommend this bicycle without a doubt

  4. Jamie Whitaker

    I’ve only used it about 10 times so far but it’s been great. It’s too early to give a full review but I love it. I recommend it.

  5. Randall Norton

    Very good product, easy to ride, easy to fold and fast shipping.
    Highly recommend this bike.
    Even better than I expected!!!

  6. Randall Norton

    Highly recommend this bike. Even better than I expected!!!

  7. Techinfo

    Its comfortable saddle and 50 kilometers of range make riding a pleasure.

  8. Joseph

    Folding stem allows for easier storage and transportation, companion smartphone app should provide more readouts and additional control features but we weren’t able to test it out. Integrated battery cannot be easily removed for repairs or storage, plastic footrests feel somewhat flimsy and may not survive rough impacts.

  9. James

    The DYU V1 is a sleek and eye-catching electric scooter from F-Wheel, minimalist controls are easy to operate for those who want to just jump on and ride. Full suspension is rare for scooters in this price range and helps provide comfort along with the thick padded seat, great integrated lights and powerful horn increase riding safety.

  10. Aeron

    It gets you outside, reduces fossil fuels, reduces congestion, and it’s fun. I love the new V shape of DYU.

  11. captnemo

    Amazing build quality!
    Very good autonomy and high final speed, strong brakes and lights!
    See my full review here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsnIxw-HaOG6dBwVG9nGeSQ

  12. Usaamah

    Great bikes the best product out period.. just got mine v1.. perfect. As now i own 7 of these bikes.

  13. Maisy Reese

    This little bike helped me a lot when my leg got injuired, it makes my life easier.

  14. Danny Castillo

    This electric bike not only works with adults, but also kids.

  15. Doug

    Beautiful design. I got one for my daughter as birthday present

  16. Peggy

    Helpful, warm & kind after-sales, thank you!

  17. Anzac

    Awesome concept

  18. Allison Williams

    Great ebike

  19. Orlando

    For a person that weighs 200 and 300 pounds, it works very well. Nice bike

  20. david

    It’s a nice bike

  21. Kevin. S

    Have bought this ebike for my son for Christmas. I’m in the uk. My little one was really happy receiving this in advance.

  22. Mark Taylor

    Best e scooter. Like it

  23. Miageek

    dyu v1 price is relatively low compared to other ebikes because of the proficient manufacturing skill of F-wheel accumulated in the past 10 years producing all kinds of electronic vehicles. And this dyu scooter even has a pedal with this folding design, amazing!

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