A four-wheeled scooter weighs only 5.5 kg. You can stand on it and move freely just like hoverboards or self-balancing scooter. Safer, steadier, lighter and latest design in 2019 Spring!

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high tech four wheel scooter light portable walkcar
app contract the people and car mobile control intelligent testing
depend on gravity move as you wish

iCarbot— Newest Patent 4 Wheel Electric Scooter, Powered Walk Car

Specification parameter:

Performance index  Items parameter
Siez Car body(mm) 383.5*310.5*106.3
package(mm)   480*390*185
Weight Max load(Kg) 120
NW(Kg) 5.5
Main parameter Max speed(Km/h) 12
Max distance(Km)   15
Max uphill   15°
Rate-limiting mode   APP
Apply to the landform   Level road, uphill≤15°
Preference Temperature   -10~ +40℃
Storage Temperature -20~ +45℃
  Waterproof Rate   IP54
Color   black/ white
Battery pack nominal voltage(V)   24
maximum voltage(V)   29.4
rated capacity(Wh)   114
Motor rated power(W)   130 w *2
Adapter Input Rating   AC100-240V;50/60Hz 2.5A
rated output   29.4V 2A
Charging time(h)   2.5

Remark: Items have different data and parameters. If any change, we will advise.

Product Description


Notebook size, easily portable, 4 wheels hoverboard, only 5.5KG weight, u can drive it anywhere at any time.

The First one of worldwide 4 Wheels Self Balancing Scooter (ICARBOT) now accepts reserve booking.

The samples were successfully finished and pass certificated, and will begin selling to market on Jan. 2019.

Product Accessories and Packing List

Name Qty Unit                       Description
Icarbot 1 Set Standard Configuration
Charger 1 Piece Standard Configuration
Instruction 1 Piece Standard Configuration, Please Scan the QR Code to Download Instruction
Certificate of Qualification 1 Piece Standard Configuration
Warranty Card 1 Piece Standard Configuration, Please Scan the QR Code to Download Instruction
Backpack 1 Piece Optional


Please check well if all the things are good, if something is damaged or lost, please contact F-WHEEL after-sales department.

Tel: +86-755-61665631  Most Detailed Information and user manual of Icarbot is on below two pages:

User manual:  https://www.fwheel.cc/iCarbot-User-Manual-Guide/

More Product detail:  https://www.fwheel.cc/Latest-Trends-Self-Balancing-Electric-Unicycle/Product-Detail-Self-Balancing.html


Q: Do I need to charge the batteries before using them?

A: Yes, you should charge the batteries fully before first using them.

Q: Do I need to “brake-in” my batteries?

A: Yes, the batteries will need to have a “break-in” cycle consisting of ~ three discharge/charge cycles before they will reach optimum performance. This involves three complete discharge and three complete recharges. After this initial “break-in” cycle the batteries will have maximum possible performance and less line voltage fluctuations under load.

Q: How long will the batteries hold their charge?

A: All the batteries will self-discharge when not in use. The self-discharging rate depends on the temperature at which they are stored. Excessively cold or hot storage temperatures will drain the batteries faster than normal. Ideally, the batteries should be stored at room temperature.

Q: Why should I recharge my batteries at least every 90days (Li-ion) when I’m not using them?

A: Batteries naturally lose their charge over time. To keep the batteries in optimal condition and extend their life. It’s recommended that a top-off recharge be performed at least every 90 days.

Q: What happens if I leave the power switch on longer than 5 months?

A: If you have left the power switch on or your product has not been charged for a long period of time as 5 months, the batteries may reach a stage at which it will no longer hold a charge.

Q: Is it normal that the batteries get warm when recharging?

A: Yes, it is normal that the batteries will become warm to the touch during the recharging process. This is because of the increase of the internal resistance and less energy conversion efficiency from electric energy to chemical energy.

Q: How long will my batteries last before needing replacement?

A: Average battery life depends on use and conditions. Even with proper care, rechargeable batteries does not last forever.

Q: Where can I use this iCarbot, aka four wheel scooter walkcar?

A: Airpot, supermarket, school, hotel, home and so on. You can use it anywhere with flat ground surface.

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New product arrived, all the customers enjoy a big discount! Please leave us a message if you interested in it, we’ll reply you in short time. You are warmly welcomed to resell it or buy at retail for sample.

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7 reviews for iCarbot

  1. Charlotte

    Interesting board. Self-balancing scooter with 4 wheels.

  2. Teddy

    no replacemet charger

    • F-wheel

      Contact our sales at [email protected] and you’ll get it

  3. Stela

    Creative board. Worth trying. Really fun!

  4. Weired

    Patented 4 wheel scooter, better than the Japanese one.

  5. Coco Motor

    Creative design four wheel scooter. Word first 4 wheel self balancing scooter with patents.

  6. risisak

    icarbot is pretty interesting. A little tricky on balancing at first but overall is ok

  7. F-wheel

    A four wheeled scooter weighs only 5.5 kg. You can stand on it and move freely just like hoverboards or self balancing scooter. Safer, steadier, lighter and latest design in 2019 Spring!

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