DYU D2F Smart Electric Bike

DYU Smart Electric Bike D2F – 2020 Novo Design D Série Ebike. Bem-vindo para obter o mais recente preço de fábrica de DYU D2F


Modelo Nº.: DYU D2F
Modelo: 12 polegadas dobrando e bike
Carga máxima: 120KG
Nota da colina: 15°
Motor: 36V 250W
Velocidade máxima: 25KM/H
Tempo de carregamento:4-5h
Travão: Travões de disco dianteiro e traseiro
Luz: Luz dianteira e luz traseira, cruzeiro automático
Assento ajustável
Tamanho: 1020*505*940mm
Resistência: Puro elétrico: 20±3KM auxiliando a condução:40-60km
Bateria: Bateria de lítio chinês de 6AH
Material da estrutura: Aço
COR: Preto/Branco
N.W. (KGS): 17
G.W.(KGS): 19,5
TAMANHO DA CAIXA (CM): 105 * 21 * 65
CBM: 0.14
Qty para (20GP): 195
MOQ(pcs): 195

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11 avaliações de DYU D2F Smart Electric Bike

  1. F-wheel

    DYU Electric Bike D2F – 2019 New Design D Series Ebike

  2. HABIB

    Self-speed adjusting reaching 25 km/h, that is flattering good for discerning relocating even from a nearby to distant parts of a city

  3. William

    For me the DYU is not a “Beautiful-Weather-Bike”, it is a beautiful bicycle, tested in all weather conditions

  4. Timberson

    To start off, I’m a moderate “department store” cyclist who has commuted in some zany ways over the years, including by traditional skateboard. I’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing an ebike for years but never took the plunge. I’ve also had goofy and cheap no-name folding bikes in the past that I more or less got my money out of. After riding it a few weeks, I’d say it’s a sturdy and smart e bike worth buying

  5. Swagtron Dan

    This is a super little bike for the city, I use it to go to work when the weather allows… Max speed is around 25km/h which is more than enough… battery lasts long and build quality is good. My battery lasts long and you don’t need to charge it every day… It comes ready to be used, you just unfold it and you can test it right away.

  6. Miageek

    Rides faster than advertised, I get better distance as well. Honestly worth every penny. I am 140 lbs so performance may vary from person to person.

  7. Andrew

    Bike came on time. Was packaged well and securely. The bike was very easy to set up and drives well. I like how compact it is. It’s a very fun ride. My kids love it and had so much fun riding it.

  8. M365

    Finally, this scooter becomes the right kind for which I’ve been searching a long time. My knees pain a lot and this Ancheer dyu saved me from the hell. Now this little genie takes me anywhere I wanna go. Thank you!

  9. John

    i am currently importing cars from japan and now doing the same with DYU e bikes. A great choice for wholesale.

  10. Simeon

    DYU is a solid, stable, comfortable, and really freakin’ cute

  11. Karry

    Only been out on it once in Spain but I love it. Freedom.

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